International Week – Southeast Asia Collection

Ed note: Ohio University is celebrating International Week April 14-20, 2013. We are celebrating the week with a series of posts about the Center for International Collections by PACE student Alexis Messenger. 

On the second day of Ohio University’s International Week you can take a trip to the other side of the world without going farther than the Southeast Asia Collection, located on the first floor of the Alden Library. 

Ohio University Libraries is one of the largest collectors of library materials on Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei in the United States.  The Southeast Asia Collection is home to three subcollections: the Malaysian Resource Center, the Marion Alden Southeast Asia Fine Arts Collection and the David K. Wyatt Thai Collection. You can read more about the Thai collection in this recent blog post, or check out a collection of digitized travel writings from the collection via our Digital Initiatives department. 

The Malaysian Resource Center was established in 1987 and serves as a depository for books, documents, videos and materials that represent both the culture and history of Malaysia.  Publications on agriculture, environment, politics, art and more are sent to Ohio University each year by the Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (National Library of Malaysia).  Ohio University also has a partnership with the Mara Institute of Technology and recently gave an honorary degree to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

You can find books and other materials about Malaysia in the ALICE Catalog.

The Marion Alden Southeast Asia Fine Arts Collection was donated by Dr. Vernon R. Alden, former President of Ohio University as a gift to his wife, Marion Parson Alden, for their 35th wedding anniversary.  Marion Alden was a firm supporter of the arts and was actively involved in the Arts Council at MIT, the Kennedy Museum of Art and more.  The Southeast Asia Arts Collection acquires and displays many different forms of art in the Center for International Collections on the first floor of the library.

For more information about Southeast Asian Studies or the Southeast Asia Collections, contact SEA Reference Librarian Jeffrey Shane or visit the Southeast Asian Studies Research Guide.