International Week Series – Latin America Collection and Chubu Collection

Ed note: Ohio University is celebrating International Week April 14-20, 2013. We are celebrating the week with a series of posts about the Center for International Collections by PACE student Alexis Messenger

We’re highlighting the Latin American Collection and the Chubu Collection at the Alden Library today as our fourth installment of the International Week Series.  If you’ve been enjoying the International Week events so far, take a look at these two collections available at the library.

The Latin American Collection includes books, journals, videos and microfilms that are easily searchable through the ALICE catalog.  Whether your interests lie in business, women’s studies, history, politics or geography, this collection covers it all.

The Latin American Studies Research Guide provides even more information and resources about the subject.  As stated in yesterday’s post, a list of Latin American films at the Alden Library is available.To help you find articles, the reference guide provides a selection of Latin American databases available to Ohio University students and staff.  You can also enjoy the collection of Latin American fiction novels ready for checkout at the Alden Library.

For a taste of the Japanese culture, stop by the Chubu Reading Room.  The Chubu University Commemorative Japanese Collection was a gift from Chubu University to provide newspapers and popular journals, reference tools and many books for Ohio University students.

The Chubu Reading Room is located on the 1st floor of Alden Library in the Center for International Collections.

Here are some quick links for various ALICE searches about Japan:

Photo by Patrick Traylor/Ohio University Libraries