Finals Are Here! Some Last Minute Tips To Make it Through the Week


There is light at the end of the tunnel Bobcats! All that stands between us and sweet summer is one week of finals.  Whether this is your first or your last finals week, Alden Library is here to help make the final days of spring semester go as smoothly as possible.  The Academic Advancement Center (AAC) located on the first floor of the library has provided some tips to help students prepare for finals while remaining stress free.

It may be tempting in a moment of panic to pull a few all-nighters studying, but Sarah Mitchell, Academic Skills Instructor at the AAC echoes the advice you’ll find in articles like this one.  Rest is essential to keeping your brain alert and focused during exams.  She also suggests waking up a little earlier for your exam than usual.  Give your brain enough time to get fully functioning again after a good night’s sleep.

Waking up early also gives you time to eat.  Eating a good breakfast gives your brain the nutrients it needs to stay awake and to more easily recall information you learned the night before.  And at the very least, you’ll be able to concentrate on the exam rather than on how hungry you are.

Having a study plan can also help take the stress out of studying.  List the specific tasks you need to complete and determine how much studying you need to do for each exam.  Prioritize your studying based on the difficulty and the time of the exam and then write it all down in a schedule. It’s easier to stay calm and tackle each task when you know exactly what to do and when to do it.  The AAC suggests using the 5-Day Study Plan created by Cornell University.

Check out the Academic Advancement Center’s Facebook page and Twitter account to stay updated during finals week, or stop in to the AAC on the first floor. The AAC also has extra walk-in hours available during finals week for the Math Center and Science Center

Extended hours at the library continue through finals week.  For more finals tips, take a look at Alden Library’s Finals Tips and Inspiration Pinboard.

Good luck on all of your exams, Bobcats!

Photo by flickr user Pragmagraphr. Used by Creative Commons license.