Earth Day Series: Sustainable Studying

do the green thingReduce, reuse, recycle.  Many of us heard this three-word mantra early on in our educational careers.  Even though it may have been a while since you’ve thought about these words, they’re still important.   Below are some tips of how you can reduce, reuse and recycle while you study for finals.

Save time, energy and maybe even some gasoline by saving yourself a trip to the library, yes Alden Library exists in the cloud as well.  Do you have a library-related question?  Ask a Librarian is a quick and simple way to ask a research librarian for help.  Did you know that OHIO is ranked in the top 100 most social media friendly libraries?  Renewing books through the library’s mobile app is one of the social media perks offered.

If you spend time at the library, there are plenty of opportunities to have a sustainable study adventure.  There are plenty of recycle bins on each floor.  There are the typical bins for plastic and paper, but also for less conventional things such as batteries, toner, and cellphones.  Speaking of paper, duplex printing is also available at the library.  Not only does it save paper, it also saves you money on printing.  An even better option would be to limit your printing by emailing articles to yourself or saving them.

When you get hungry or thirsty, take advantage of the Café BiblioTech!  Coffee and tea are great study companions.  Bring your own coffee mug and prevent another paper cup, wrapper and lid from entering into the waste stream.  Water fountains can be found throughout the library, which makes filling up your water bottle easy and convenient.  If the café is closed, think ahead and bring your own snacks in reusable containers. 

You can also explore all of the additional sustainability resources available at Alden.  Whether its a book, documentary or a mug of Herbal Sage tea at the café, there’s plenty of starting points for learning a little bit more about sustainability.  Alden Library offers many opportunities for incorporating sustainability into your life are limitless.  For example, learn more about the social and environmental impact of clothing through librarian Sherri Saines’ Retail and Fashion Product Development subject guide, or have an overview of Environmental Studies resources with librarian Andrew Stewart’s Environmental Studies subject guide. Think outside the box and see what you can conjure up!  Don’t forget to visit the Office of Sustainability’s web site or check here for more tips on how to be sustainable.  

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