Earth Day Series: Good Foods – read, watch, explore

Stock.xchng photo: Bunch of Carrots

Ed note: Ohio University is celebrating Earth Week April 22-26, 2013. We are celebrating the week with a series of posts about Alden Library and Resources to compliment research on Sustainability, Environment and Global Issues by Environmental Studies Intern, Emily Schmidt.  

With the beginning of spring comes the start of a new growing season.  Soon the local farmers market and grocery stores will be full of colorful fruits and vegetables.  Have you ever thought about where your food comes from?  Whether you buy from Kroger or Athens Farmers Market, there is plenty to learn about our food system.

Have you ever wondered what it really means when a food is considered organic?  Clean Food, Organic Culture explores the demand for organic foods and what it means for food production in only 28 minutes.  If you are searching for something a little more in-depth, Farmageddon involves sheep raids, small farms and battles that ensue over dairy sales.  Forks Over Knives, another popular food documentary, looks at degenerative diseases and the influence of a plant-based diet on such diseases.  Farming For the Future, which was produced by School of Film students, focuses on Athens County and the unique food production system taking place right here.  Check out these and other films available at the library.

In addition to the plethora of food-related documentaries, there are many books available on the topic.  Food Rules, written by Michael Pollan, is aimed at simplifying the seemingly complex concept of diet and health. Much Depends on Dinner is another take on our food choices and what a simple meal really means.  ALICE (our online catalog) has some goods reads as well.  You want more print information on food and nutrition, human-plant relationships, or how about e-books on food and nutrition.  

After watching, reading or learning about food, you might be a little hungry.  Why not take advantage of the local foods available right here in Athens?  You can visit the Athens Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 am – 1 pm at the Market on State.  If you can’t make it to the market, Herbal Sage, Athen’s local tea company, is being served in Café Bibliotech on the second floor of Alden Library.  While you are at the library, explore all of the cookbooks in Alden for some new meal ideas.  If you are looking for vegetarian options, you can find books on nutrition, cooking and health.

If you are inspired by food, whether growing, eating or learning more about it, consider attending the 2nd Annual Real food- Real Local Conference.  Running May 14-17, the conference provides the perfect opportunity to interact with fellow local foodies!  For more information, visit the Athens County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, or the conference website. Don’t forget the Office of Sustainability has a magazine, Routes, a great way to stay in touch with what is happening in the community.