Earth Day Series: Films on Sustainability

photo: Tom Corser

Sustainability is a complex concept that can be applied to a variety of topics.  Luckily, the library has a diverse collection of films, which covers a great deal of these topics. 

If global warming is of interest to you, Everything’s Cool might be of interest.  Or, if water is your area of focus, Liquid Assets, Tapped or Flow might be what you are looking for.  Living in Appalachia, if coal is on your mind, On Coal River offers a unique perspective on coal mining and its influence on coal miners.

King Corn and its companion, Big River, offer a nice change of pace for viewers.  Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis, two east coast college friends, offer a younger voice and firsthand experience of our food system as it relates to farming and water systems.  If nothing else, you can watch a couple of city boys try to fit in with a rural Iowa crowd.  Explore a plethora of other topics, which include nuclear powergreen construction and even bees.

These are just a few of the many films available to faculty and students.  The library has a large collection of films purchased with PPR, or pay for performance rights on many films and documentaries.  Faculty, students or student groups can show a PPR film for an event, the only caveat is that they cannot charge admission!. Here is a short list of PPR EARTH WEEK FILMS of some titles of films with performance rights on the topic of sustainability, environment and the like.  

Don’t forget, the Office of Sustainability’s Earth Month festivities are still going on!  On Thursday April 25th, College Green Magazine is sponsoring a viewing of Trashed, a story of the growing garbage problem in the United States.  Head over to Athena Cinema for the film at 7 pm with a discussion paneling immediately following.  The event if free and open to the public!

Video:  Earth Month 2013, Courtesy of NASA