Find Research Tips on the Alden Library YouTube Channel

Alden Library’s website is packed with tools and resources that are useful for both students and staff, though you may not be aware of how to fully utilize each and every one.  To help you better make use of the tools available (and find the ones that you may not have known about), Alden Library created a YouTube channel page full of “how to” videos and research tips.

The subject librarians at Alden Library create most of the videos, which can range from general information-finding pointers to research help for specific classes. Business librarian Chad Boeninger has his own channel full of videos for those of you researching business topics. 

Here is a list of some videos that may be particularly useful:

  • The videos “Find Your Textbook” and “Find Books in Search Ohio” are saviors for students on a tight budget (a.k.a. all students).  They show you how to find your school books available to borrow through the library, saving you from spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks.
  • Alden Library has a great collection of DVDs, both for class or for a night in with your roommates.  “How to find DVDs” will help you figure out how to discover just the video you’re looking for.

Be sure to browse Alden Library’s channel page to find more videos that may be useful for you, or subscribe to get updates when new videos are posted. If you have any ideas for new videos, leave by leaving a comment on our YouTube channel, on Facebook or on Twitter