From Sketch to Finished Piece

Drawing by Sandy Plunkett

Coming January 21, 2012, the work of a local talent will fill the display cases in the Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library’s gallery space on Alden’s third floor. The exhibit “S. Plunkett: Influences and Ideas in the Life of a Comic Book Artist,” presents the work of Sandy Plunkett, a well-known comic illustrator, cartoonist and artist whose artwork will also be on display at the Kennedy Museum of Art this spring semester.

“The comic drawings on view represent Plunkett’s process from sketch to finished piece,” said Gary Ginther, fine arts librarian. “The display will be enhanced with the tools and supplies that cartoonists use, including papers, quill pens, watercolors and inks.”

Plunkett has worked for Marvel and DC Comics, drawing and writing for characters such as Spider-Man, Batman, Conan and Daredevil. He, himself, utilizes the Harris fine arts library in his creative process.

“I value access to it highly,” Plunkett said. “I don’t do it as much these days, but I still come in to research different artists [that] I’ve developed an interest in, sometimes do research for specific jobs [that] I’m working on. It’s a great resource.”

The traditional illustration and cartooning methods that Plunkett uses date back to the late 1800s. Researchers can study the artist’s work to better understand the fading techniques of comic artistry.

Whether familiar with Plunkett’s artwork or not, students from all disciplines will enjoy his work.

“This exhibit will be of value to anybody who communicates with images, or is interested in learning more about it,” Ginther said. “Issues surrounding layout, drawing, lettering, and painting are addressed.”

The exhibit will run January 21, 2012 through March 1, 2012. So come find out how the ideas from Plunkett’s imagination are transmitted to pages.