Politics on Screen

Election season is well under way! Early voting in Ohio started October 2 and continues until Election Day on November 6 (click here for a list of early voting hours). The final presidential debate is scheduled for this coming Monday, October 22. And Wednesday night Ohio University received a visit from President Barack Obama, the first sitting president to visit campus since Lyndon Johnson in 1964 (read more about famous visitors to OU & Athens over at the OU Digital Initiatives Pinterest). 

Can’t get enough of politics? Have a look at the new Pinterest board of political movies we have here at Alden. Click on the cover of a movie to check in ALICE and see if it’s currently available.

The library also has a number of streaming online videos relating to politics: 

Additionally, the Internet Archive has recently made available all television news since 2009 produced by 20 different channels, including much political election coverage from the 2010 and 2012 races.

And don’t forget our Pinterest board of books on politics, campaigns and elections available at Alden. 


Photo credit. Used by Creative Commons license.