Libraries to Host Display of Indonesian Taring Padi Artwork Beginning October 18

A new exhibition of Taring Padi prints will be on display in the Alden Library Center for International Collections on the first floor starting October 18. Taring Padi is a group of social activist artists based in Yogyakarta, Central Java. Since its beginning in 1998 after the end of Suharto’s New Order regime, Taring Padi has focused on the social and political concerns of the Indonesian people. The work done by Taring Padi has the distinct style of propaganda posters and presents themes of anti-violence and equality. In addition, the struggles of Indonesia’s marginalized populations, such as farmers and laborers, are emphasized in the Taring Padi artwork.

The Alden Library’s exhibition will divide the 20 prints into four categories: anti-violence, anti-corruption, activism and empowerment, and politics. A discussion on Taring Padi’s history, ideology and current activities will be held on October 18 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. in the Friends of the Library Room followed by a reception and display of the prints on the first floor near the library’s Southeast Asia Collection.

Two active members of Taring Padi, Gina and Lilik will lead the discussion.

The Taring Padi prints are striking works of art, and their realist representation of issues faced by marginalized populations in Indonesia and globally will surely resonate with viewers.

Photo: A work of Taring Padi artwork. Used by permission.