Literature gigs in and around Alden Library

cc licensed (BY) flickr photo by Tom (hmm a rosa tint)
Lots to read, lots to hear – come and have a listen to the latest events going on around Alden Library and/or OU.  All of these events are open to all and most of them are FREE.  

Shakespeare Lecture, The Transitory Playhouse:  Theatre, Rose and Globe.  Professor Cerasano is Professor of Literature at Colgate here to present this talk on Shakespeare’s Playhouse.  We have a few of her books in Alden Library; she also is editor in the multi-volume collection Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England.  

Dogwood Bloom is a quarterly reading series featuring graduate students from the Department of English.  It will be held Friday, September 28 in Alden Library in the Faculty Commons, 3rd floor.  Featured writers are Sarah Einstein, Devon Ortega and Jason Jordan.  

Writers Harvest takes place on October 9th, 7:30 pm at Baker Center Theater and all proceeds go to Southeast Ohio’s Foodbank, Second Harvest.  Featured writers are faculty members Kevin Haworth, whose recent work includes, The Discontinuity of Small Things and Lit From Within; Becca Lachman, whose recent publication The Apple Speaks is a new addition to our collection; and one of our newest faculty, Patrick O’Keeffe will be reading from his works, including his latest The Hill Road (just ordered).  

On October 4th from 10 am-5 pm in the Multicultural Center, Multipurpose Room, African American Research and Service Institute (AARSI) will be presenting engaging panel discussions surveying the History of African American Activism in Ohio and focusing on renowned Black Writers of Ohio. In addition, there will be a key address by acclaimed scholar, Dr. Marilyn Sanders Mobley of Case Western Reserve University from 3:05 pm to 4:25 pm. The title of Dr. Mobley’s address is, “Toni Morrison and the Politics of Home.”   Need to read a little Toni Morrison again?  This link will take you to Alden Library’s books and DVD collection with a focus on Ms. Morrison. 

And through all of this, you can see the School of Theatres’ first production, Mr. Marmalade by Noah Haigle.  Nice POST piece on the SOT season, and a brief description of Mr. Marmalade.  Other plays by Noah Haidle in our collection include Mr. Marmalade along with many other titles.  FREE FOR OU STUDENTS.


Featured image photo by Flickr user Tom. Used by Creative Commons license.