Find Data and Reports with Statista

Here’s the scenario: you recently attended a professional football game and found the cost of this outing to be outrageously expensive. You have a speech coming up in your public speaking class and want to discuss how the cost of attending a game is now out of reach for many families. But the only data you have to back up your argument is the receipt for your $5 soda or $6 hot dog, along with your ticket stub for the seat itself. To make a convincing argument you’ll likely need more data. But how will you find it? Statista. 

Statista, newly available through the Ohio University Libraries, is a searchable database of thousands of statistics on a wide variety of topics, including media, the environment, business and industry, sports, communication, health care and more. The statistics are mapped on graphs of the data that can be downloaded for inclusion in papers or presentations. Statista provides a link back to the information source below the graph for each data set and full information for citations. Just remember to cite the source of the information, not Statista itself. For example, this data on the cost of a soft drink at NFL stadiums should be credited to the company Team Marketing Report, who provided the data on their website before Statista collected it. 

The video below gives you a better look at the database. Have you found Statista useful for a project? We’d love to hear about it.

Featured image photo by Erick Walrick via IconFinder. Used by GNU General Public License.