Attention Chemists and Chemical Engineers: Announcing Unlimited Seats on SciFinder!

SciFinder is the library’s premier chemistry database, offering access to the Chemical Abstracts index of journal literature; substructure, substance and reaction searching; and access to patents.

In late summer Ohio University Libraries secured unlimited access to Scifinder. Before the summer the university could only have two users at a time connected to SciFinder.

To start using SciFinder, contact Andrew Stuart, Chemistry and Biochemistry librarian for registration information. You must register for Scifinder access using your OHIO email address. After you have registered, you can access the database online by logging in with your SciFinder user information. Off campus access will require using your OHIO ID in addition to your Scifinder.

To learn more, contact Andrew Stuart,  or 593-2698.

Photo credit: Flickr user zhouxuan12345678. Used by Creative Commons license.