We hear you–Part 1

As of August 13, 2012, we received 145 comments and questions through the website’s feedback form. The feedback form is not the only way we receive comments, sometimes it is in person at Kroger. Changing our website sure has people talking. We hear the good, bad, and everything in between, and we take it all because, well, we really like to hear what our users think. After all, we are here to help you pursue your research, teaching, and learning endeavors.

It bolsters our spirit to hear that the new website is wonderful. And we had quite a few people take the time to tell us their favorite part of the new design.

I love the easy, ready access to the various search engines. (Faculty, 2012)

I love it! I especially like the “Today’s Hours” block. Very helpful! (Faculty, 2012)

Love the new site! Much easier to find things! (Staff, 2012)

And last, my favorite comment of all:

Normally I have a difficult time adjusting to format changes on websites, but after only a few days I already feel comfortable with the library’s new site – good job! (Student, 2012)

We also heard a lot of great ideas from our users. We did not implement all of them. Here is a small sampling of change you, our users, caused:

I feel the library main page would be more useful for students with quick links to blackboard and OU email. (Student, 2012)

WHERE IS THE LINK FOR RENEWING LIBRARY BOOKS?! It should be OBVIOUS from the first page of the website! This is very important! (Faculty, 2012)

I was wondering if there could be an easier access to ILLiad. (Faculty, 2012)

There were a couple of changes we implemented for access to accounts. First, the login for interlibrary loan-ILLiad is now under “resources,” “services–borrowing,” and “my accounts.” Because interlibrary loan is all of those things–a resource, service, and an account–and more importantly our users were expecting to find interlibrary loan in these categories. And we created the “my accounts” menu along the right (highlighted in purple) for access to “my library account,” “interlibrary loan-ILLiad,” email, Blackboard, and if you click on it “my folders” for numerous databases.

The only complaint I have is that I don’t like that the website opens a new page every time there is a new search or you click on a new page. (Student, 2012)

I hate the idea of it automatically opening NEW tabs every time I click on something… If I wanted a new tab opened every time, I’d do it myself… (Student, 2012)

I don’t think I like that new tabs open up every time I click on a book or do a search. If I wanted to keep a lot of tabs open to save several results from a search I might like it, but most of the time I find it unnecessarily clutters up my web browser. (Student, 2012)

We thought that always having access to the library’s website was a good thing. But we heard the above so you will notice that that functionality is gone.

As I said we could not implement every change. Sometimes it was due to technology limitations. On other occasions, it was because we heard contradicting information (for example one person wanted the ALICE Catalog first, a second person thought an OhioLINK tab should be first, and we have people saying they like ArticlesPlus) so we try our best to provide a middle of the road solution. This only touches upon a small amount of feedback we received. More about what we heard from you next week.