Reserve Your Group Study Room Today

This is an archival copy and the information may no longer be relevant.

Over the summer, Alden Library switched to a new group study room reservation system. I know we have already changed a lot on you, but our old system was woefully outdated, did not have all the functionality we wanted, and was a bit cumbersome at times (e.g., the grid lines that did not clearly match up to a time). We think you’ll find this new system much easier to use, even from your mobile device.

What do you need to know?

1) To access the new reservation system, start at the library’s home page. Mouse over “Services” then “Room Reservations” and click “Group Study Rooms.” To see how to reserve a group study room, check out this short video:

2) You no longer have to sign in with your OHIO ID and password. This means it is much easier to check the availability of rooms. And it is much easier to make reservations on the spot.

3) You can now book rooms up to 2 weeks in advance.

4) One group can have a room up to 3 hours in a 24 hour period. Select the amount of time you need a room by clicking on a green block (green indicates available) and you can click more than one block (and they do not need to be consecutive) per reservation.  

5) When filling out the reservation form, you must use your at Ohio dot edu email address. Your name will never be publically displayed unless you provide it in the “Enter Class, Group Project or Your Name” text input box. Enter something in that box that your group and you can easily identify.

6) The Rollins Room can now be booked online–no more phone calls or stopping at the Learning Commons (2nd Floor) desk. You submit your request and a library staff member will confirm (or not) the reservation within 12 hours.

7) There is a mobile interface accessible from the library’s mobile app or by scanning the QR codes on the door of each study room. The video below shows you how to reserve a room using the app on an iOS device: