Renew Your Books and More with the Alden Library Mobile App

This is an archival copy and the information may no longer be relevant.

Data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project tell us that 46% of American adults owned a smart phone, and 18% owned a tablet device as of February 2012. The rapid growth of mobile computer has meant that library use can now take place anywhere that you can find a cell signal. Fortunately, if you’re an Alden Library user, you can access the library and even renew your books through our mobile app.

The Alden Library mobile app is available for Android, Apple, Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile devices on all data networks. iPhone and iPad users can find the app in the App Store and Android users will find the app on Google Play. Or visit directly from your device. 

You can use the app to see what books or movies you have checked out and you can renew them right from the device. You can also reserve group study rooms in the library, find library hours, locate a class meeting in the library, or even begin finding books and other research materials.