Introducing ArticlesPlus

One of the most prominent features of our new web site is our new search tool, ArticlesPlus.

ArticlesPlus is from the same provider, EBSCOhost, as Academic Search Complete, so its design and features may look familiar. However, ArticlesPlus is a much more comprehensive search tool. In one interface, ArticlesPlus searches all of the EBSCOhost databases, like Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, CINAHL, Communications and Mass Media, ERIC, and more, as well as many more databases such as Web of Science (a.k.a. Science Citation Index) and JSTOR. It also includes books, videos and other materials from the ALICE Catalog. It doesn’t include everything in the world, but it’s a good starting point if you’re looking for a variety of resources on a topic and don’t want to perform separate searches for articles, books, and other resources.

Sound overwhelming? ArticlesPlus provides numerous limiters to help you get results that are relevant, applicable and just what you want. Source type limiters allow you to search for only academic journal articles, newspaper articles, or peer reviewed sources; only recent publications; or only sources with online full text. The Content Provider tab lets you choose multiple, specific databases to search, including both EBSCOhost databases and those of other providers. The Advanced Search option lets you pre-limit your search by journal name, article title, author, or language, or search for articles with photographs, illustrations, or maps. And as with Academic Search Complete and other EBSCOhost databases, you can save and organize your search results in a My EBSCO account.

While ArticlesPlus is a great comprehensive search tool, we recognize that it will not meet every researcher’s needs. So, we’ve kept a variety of other search options right on the homepage. Just want to see what you can borrow from the Libraries or OhioLINK? Click on the ALICE Catalog tab. Looking for a specific database? Click the Databases tab to find databases by name or subject. Finally, Subject & Course Guides provide expert help on performing research within a specific field.