Now More Renewals on OhioLINK Books!

OhioLINK, the resource-sharing consortium of Ohio’s college and university libraries and the State Library of Ohio, has updated their lending policies. Starting July 10, new OhioLINK loan policies will take effect.

The maximum number of renewals has grown. Now everyone can renew materials six times as opposed to four. This is, of course, provided that there are no recalls or other factors that might prevent renewal of the materials. Additionally, the faculty and staff loan period has been extended to six weeks. Students’ loan period remains at three weeks.

Robin Krivesti, University Libraries’ stacks and facilities manager, explained that the changes were made to gain more consistency in the loan periods of OhioLINK members and as a compromise between OhioLINK users who desired unlimited renewals and those who did not.

 A study of the material renewal statistics from several volunteer members of OhioLINK was conducted to see if there was a need to expand the number of renewal opportunities. The study showed that the need was present, but also that the majority of members wanted to continue to limit the number. Thus, all OhioLINK members are implementing two extra renewal periods for OhioLINK items.

“I think the changes will be good for the students and the faculty,” said Krivesti. “If there are no recalls on an item, a student could potentially be able to keep an item for a semester. Faculty may also have items for a longer loan period, mainly because they might be using the items for teaching or research.”