Trustees Get a Taste of the Mahn Center

On June 21, 2012, the Ohio University Board of Trustees got a taste of the Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections when Ohio University Libraries hosted their June luncheon in the reading room of the Mahn Center.

While the trustees dined on salad and dessert, University Archivist Bill Kimok presented on some of the unique and interesting artifacts in the Mahn Center.  From the Ohio University yearbooks to the Cornelius Ryan manuscript collection, Kimok narrated slides of items that have both reminiscent and research value.

The Board of Trustees enjoys lunch in the Mahn Center.

“We have different ways to apply our stuff. In fact everything I’m showing you today has been used recently by student researchers,” said Kimok to the guests.   

Some artifacts included in the presentation were student handbooks for both men and women from 1965 and the University’s sports budget in 1970. From such primary source materials undergraduate classes in history, political science, and journalism, as well as for individual researchers have learned more about how issues of gender and equality were part of the student experience on the Ohio University campus during the 1960s.

The trustees were impressed by the facilities and the presentation. Laughter and discussion passed quietly throughout the room as the trustees reminisced about their time as students at OHIO.

“I thought it was great. One thing I love so much is what Bill brings to the table,” said Thomas Davis, out-going secretary of the Board of Trustees and professor of education who suggested the location of the luncheon. “I’ve never met a person who knows more about Ohio University.”

Opening up the reading room for the Board of Trustees luncheon was a unique event. Normally food and drinks are strictly forbidden from the Mahn Center for preservation purposes. However bringing in groups such as the Board of Trustees for events like this has it benefits.

“The most important benefit of having this presentation is exposure,” said Kimok. “It’s nice to have the opportunity to show [people] what we do here. “