Explaining the Website Changes

Change is not always easy, but it is often necessary. Ohio University Libraries has changed a lot on you, as far as our virtual presence. As you may have noticed, we have a brand new website. But you will still find Alden Library and the same helpful, friendly staff at 30 Park Place.

There are some other changes that may not be as obvious. First, we have a new resource called ArticlesPlus. Second, InfoTree is no longer with us.

ArticlesPlus is from the same provider, EBSCOhost, as Academic Search Complete. In one interface, ArticlesPlus searches all of the EBSCOhost databases, like Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, CINAHL, Communications and Mass Media, ERIC, and more, as well as many more databases such as Web of Science (a.k.a. Science Citation Index), and even the ALICE Catalog. It doesn’t cover everything, but it is close. This may sound overwhelming, but don’t worry. ArticlesPlus provides numerous limiters (e.g., peer-reviewed scholarly journals) to ensure the return of results that are relevant, applicable and just what you want.  

To individually access the hundreds of databases we purchase, use the “Databases” tab on the home page search box (alternatively, you can scroll over “Resources” and click “Databases”). You have a couple of options at this point. Search for a title of a database (e.g., PsycInfo) or for a broad subject area (e.g., engineering). Click “Browse by Subject” (in the lower right) if you want to access a subject list or browse alphabetically by title.

Throughout the redesign and research process, we kept our spectrum of researchers, which includes undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, at the forefront of our minds. We constantly attempted to balanced what would be ideal for novice researchers versus what would be ideal for expert researchers. Did this work perfectly? No. But we are trying and we are listening. Do not hesitate to send us your comments or ask for assistance. We are here to make the transition as smooth as possible. Plus, we always appreciate hearing from you.