OIT Upgrades Wireless in Alden Library Ahead of Schedule

Ohio Information Technology upgraded the wireless networking in Alden Library on Thursday after moving the expected project completion date up – twice. The upgrade was originally schedule for early May, but was moved up to April 30 earlier this month, then to Thursday April 26 to help deal with problems with the old network.

OIT staff were on hand in the library to answer questions and help students log into the new network (identified as OHIO University on your wireless device), but reported “few questions, lots of smiles” as of 4pm, three hours after the upgrade occurred.

If you’ve not yet logged into the wireless, here are general directions from OIT:

  1. Connect to the “OHIO University” wireless network (note the capitalization) 
  2. Log in with your OHIO ID and password. If you receive a security certificate warning, make sure it says: securelogin.oit.ohio.edu, AddTrust External CA Root before you continue

More detailed directions for a variety of devices are available on the OIT website. They’ve also provided a contact number specifically for wifi questions.