Learn a New Language With Alden Library


Have you ever wanted to learn a second language, but we’re sure where to begin or where to find the resources to help? Whether you want to travel internationally or develop your resume with impressive skills, learning a new language can be beneficial to anyone.

Alden Library is proud to offer the language- learning software, Mango Languages, to Ohio University students, faculty and staff.

Mango language learning lessons are focused on practical and common conversation skills and include practice with vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar, while incorporating the culture of the country. The lessons are developed by native-speakers of the languages, and are designed to assist you with everyday conversation in another language.

Getting directions, ordering a meal and conversing with others are just a few of the skills you can learn through a Mango Languages course. The courses are offered in popular languages such as Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin Chinese, as well as languages such as Hebrew and Turkish. The program also includes programs for speakers of other languages looking to develop their English language skills.

To get started learning a new language today, watch the video below to learn how to access the Mango Languages program through Alden Library.

Photo credit: Flickr user LenDog24. Used by Creative Commons license.