Libraries Student Worker Scholarship Application for Spring Semester 2017 – OHIO University Libraries

Through the generosity of Friends of the Libraries, we are excited to offer Student Library Worker Scholarships of $1,000 each, to be applied to Spring Semester tuition.

Using your own strengths, student perspective, and observations, choose one of the formats below to respond to one of the prompts about the Ohio University Libraries.

Our goal is to discover specific ideas, from your perspective, for reaching out to current students, to identify library resources that might be under used, and reinforce that our student workers are an important and valuable part of our team.

Please submit your response by October 15th, 2016.  If you have any questions please email Barbara Fiocchi,

Write a series of three tweets (140 characters each), interest article of no more than 300 words, produce a video under two minutes long, or create a large scale, stairwell poster:

  • That emphasizes the resources that the Libraries offer
  • In which you identify a problem, design a solution, and articulate your vision for a positive future in Ohio University Libraries
  • Explore several resources in the libraries that are specifically important for students and why.
  • Ohio University Libraries work to provide numerous study spaces, access, and resources for all students. Convey which resources are your first line of defense in your coursework.

You can either submit your 300 word article directly below, submit a link to your work on the web, or upload a file below.