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The Dr. Shao You-Bao Overseas Chinese Documentation and Research Center collects resources by and on, the Overseas Chinese throughout the world. The Center seeks to share its resources as widely as possible in addition to serving the students and scholars at Ohio University.

The Shao Center’s mission to collect and preserve relevant documents and information resources related to the Overseas Chinese is important. Despite the invaluable contributions of the Overseas Chinese to economic and cultural developments in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, their historical roles have often been neglected, ignored, or actively suppressed. Many valuable historical documents have not been properly cared for and are in grave danger of disappearing entirely. In light of this situation, securing and preserving important resources on the Overseas Chinese has become urgent. Furthermore, in North America the attention of scholars and libraries have focused upon China and Taiwan in the last century to the neglect of the Overseas Chinese.

The Shao Center has co-organized international conferences with different host institutions in Hong Kong (2003), Singapore (2005) and Guangzhou, China (2009) and Vancouver, Canada (2012) in Xiamen, China (2015). They have been very successful in bringing librarians, institutes, and scholars in Chinese Overseas Studies together, not only in providing a platform for librarians to interact and exchange ideas with scholars and collectors, but also a platform for tackling issues in collection development, access, preservation, and information-sharing in the field of Chinese Overseas. In September 2018 the seventh conference in the series will be held at Cornell University.

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Jeff Ferrier
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