Center for International Collections Databank – OHIO University Libraries

The Center for International Collections (CIC), located on the first floor of Alden Library, maintains a number of electronic databases, engineered in-house in conjunction with Ohio University Libraries’ Information Technology staff. The purpose of these specialized databases is to promote and enhance public access to the CIC’s extensive holdings by making full use of all the latest available tools and technologies. The CIC currently maintains five separate databases, all of which are freely accessible to the public.



The Berita database, developed by the staff in the Southeast Asia Collection at Ohio University Libraries and published by RMIT Publishing in Australia, indexes books, book chapters, journal articles, conference papers and selected unpublished materials covering Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Southeast Asia as a whole. Berita indexes scholarly materials on a wide range of subjects and disciplines. English and Malay language sources predominate, but coverage also includes Chinese, Dutch, French, and German language materials.



David K. Wyatt Thai Database

The David K. Wyatt Thai Database was developed to enhance public access to Thai and Western-language materials housed in the David K. Wyatt Thai Collection. The database was designed to address a number of pressing needs. First and foremost, the David K. Wyatt database is fully searchable in Thai and romanized script and similarly capable of displaying both Thai and romanized script. Second, the Wyatt database utilizes both Library of Congress subject headings and Thai language (Thai Union Catalog) subject headings, which, while far from standardized, offer much greater specificity.

The David K. Wyatt Thai Database, while fully functional in its current form, is still in development. To date, just over 2,200 titles from the Wyatt Collection have been recorded.


The Dr. Shao You-Bao Overseas Chinese Documentation and Research Center maintains several unique databases, including the Shao Center Database for Overseas Chinese Newspapers & Journals, which indexes citations to thousands of newspaper and journal articles on the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia and various other regions throughout the world. Another excellent resource is the Shao Center Database for Publications on the Overseas Chinese, which, as the title implies, indexes a wider array of scholarly materials on the overseas Chinese. This database contains bibliographic information on books, serials, periodicals, journal articles, book chapters, and films on the Overseas Chinese. It includes publications and productions in print and other physical media, as well as online works. It includes publications in English, Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Dutch, as well as several other European, East Asian, and Southeast Asian languages. 

Additionally, the Shao Center maintains a specialized database on the demography of the Overseas Chinese, aptly designated the Shao Center Distribution of the Ethnic Chinese Population Around the World. Lastly, the Shao Center Films Database features bibliographic information on international films  with a focus or special thematic interest on the Chinese overseas. The database includes films representing different genres, and in a variety of languages. The database utilizes a map interface which enables users to search for country-specific film titles.