Series 9.9: Box# 116-2020 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-2020 – Governor Legal 121st General Assembly


  1. HB 503, [Empty]
  2. HB 504, [Empty]
  3. HB 505, [Empty]
  4. HB 506, Prohibits concession owners from awarding dangerous prizes to minors
  5. HB 507, [Empty]
  6. HB 508, Declares county annual & supplementary jury lists unavailable for public inspection without the issuance of an order by a judge of the common pleas court under specified circumstances
  7. HB 509, Est. an occupancy limit of persons per bedroom as reasonable for purposes of the Ohio Fair Housing Law
  8. HB 510, Provides that whenever a court is permitted to suspend a person’s driver’s license for violation of a state statute, a court my do the same for violation of a similar municipal ordinance
  9. HB 511, Allows the exchange of gift certificates for alcohol for off-premise consumption
  10. HB 512, [Empty]
  11. HB 513, Guidelines for telephone solicitors
  12. HB 514, Authorizes the state to issue obligations for the purpose of financing professional sports facilities owned by counties & municipal corporations and to use lottery earnings to pay these obligations
  13. HB 515, [Empty]
  14. HB 516, Regulations involving conversion of agricultural land
  15. HB 517, Tax credits for nuisance abatement
  16. HB 518, [Empty]
  17. HB 519, [Empty]
  18. HB 520, [Empty]
  19. HB 521, [Empty]
  20. HB 522, [Empty]
  21. HB 523, Excepts from inclusion as a Schedule V controlled substance certain supplements containing ephedrine
  22. HB 524, Requires refunds to season ticket holders when professional sports teams relocate
  23. HB 525, [Empty]
  24. HB 526, Increases the number of members on the Joint Welfare Reform Collaboration Commission
  25. HB 533, Private Property Protection Act
  26. HB 535, Adjustments to the Skiing Safety Law
  27. HB 536, Conveyance of three parcels of state land to Lucas County
  28. HB 538, Enacts a revised banking law for the State of Ohio
  29. HB 540, Permits the Ohio Veterans’ Home to open up 25 additional long-term care beds
  30. HB 545, Involves scrap tire recovery facilities & solid, hazardous, infectious waste facilities
  31. HB 552, Eliminates the requirement that bills renewing or terminating agencies subject to certain sunset provisions must deal with only one agency
  32. HB 555, Prohibits municipal corporations from taxing compensation paid to precinct election officials
  33. HB 561, Several changes to the Horse Racing & Satellite Facility Laws
  34. HB 563, Schuck Advertising Bill
  35. HB 564, Qualified immunity for individuals involved in equine activities for harm sustained by equine activity participants
  36. HB 565, Adjustments to speed limits
  37. HB 566, Prevents convicted felons from employment as peace officers
  38. HB 567, Conveyance of six parcels of state-owned land
  39. HB 568, Permits a state community college to est. a police or security force
  40. HB 570, To have certain habitual and persistent litigators declared vexatious litigators & to authorize court orders restricting their future commencement or continuation of litigation
  41. HB 572, Reorganizes the ODOT
  42. HB 581, Creates the Veterans’ Care Committee
  43. HB 586, Regards STRS-pay interest contribution withdrawals
  44. HB 591, Expands the membership & responsibilities of the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission
  45. HB 595, Exempts the sale of peritoneal dialysis solutions from the requirements that registered pharmacists sell the drugs
  46. HB 601, Authorizes boards of education to create alternative disciplinary middle and high schools
  47. HB 614, To refute the decision of the 1st District Court of Appeals in State v. Wilson for failure to take judicial notice of the harmonized version of the “assault statute” (RC 2903.13) as amended by Am. Sub. SB HB 116 & Am. Sub. HB 571 of the 120th General Assembly
  48. HB 627, Several policies involving property taxes
  49. HB 629, Makes changes in the laws regarding individuals with mental retardation, developmental disabilities, & mental illness
  50. HB 644, Expands the offense of intimidation & the offense of falsification, creates the offense of using sham legal process
  51. HB 651, Revises the law governing fertilizers & liming materials
  52. HB 668, Allows the payment of restitution to a victim of a sex offense, by an offender who is a member of a public retirement system if the offense occurred against a child, student, patient, or other person with whom the offender had contact in the context of the offender’s public employment
  53. HB 670, Concerns the abolition, retention, & renaming of certain agencies & fireworks licenses
  54. HB 676, Regulations concerning motor vehicles
  55. HB 696, Open records legislation
  56. HB 698, Regards unfunded mandates to local political agencies
  57. HB 710, Revises the laws governing Adult Emergency Assistance, ADC, DA, Food Stamps, JOBS, Medicaid programs, & the Joint Welfare Reform Collaboration Commission
  58. HB 748, Capital bill for fiscal year 1997-98
  59. HB 817, Anti-gang legislation