Series 9.9: Box# 116-2019 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-2019 – Governor Legal 121st General Assembly

  1. HB 376, Transfers parcels no longer used for military purposes pursuant to revisionary clauses in the deeds & authorizes the Gov. to convey specified lands to Frank and Marilyn Hill
  2. HB 377, Revises the jurisdiction of the Domestic Relations Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Fairfield County to allow it

to enter certain types of child support & child custody orders

  1. HB 378, Involves survivorship tenants & tenants in common
  2. HB 379, Includes state university police officers in the law enforcement division of the PERS
  3. HB 380, Specifies that a rebuilt school bus is not changed in such a manner that it is not the school bus described in the certificate of title to the bus
  4. HB 381, [Empty]
  5. HB 382, Specifies acts that constitute evidence that a person who is renting personal property intends to commit theft of that property
  6. HB 383, [Empty]
  7. HB 384, [Empty]
  8. HB 385, Excludes from “gross income” for purposes of calculating child support Social Security benefits received for dependent children of a parent receiving SSI benefits for dependent children
  9. HB 386, Allows, under certain circumstances, farm trucks to exceed by no more than 10% the est. motor vehicle weight laws
  10. HB 387, Requires state vehicles to use only on ethanol-blend fuel
  11. HB 388, Several actions involving drivers under the age of 21
  12. HB 389, [Empty]
  13. HB 390, [Empty]
  14. HB 391, Several policies involving fiduciaries & estates
  15. HB 392, [Empty]
  16. HB 393, Specifies that the approval of the Dir. Of Budget & Management is not required for the State Lottery Commission to conduct a lottery in which all or any part of the prize award is paid from unclaimed prize awards
  17. HB 394, [Empty]
  18. HB 395, Requires one school employee trained in CPR to be present at all school meals
  19. HB 396, [Empty]
  20. HB 397, Extends the Prevailing Wage Law to all public improvement projects regardless of the cost of improvement
  21. HB 398, Sets guidelines for horse transfer agreements
  22. HB 399, Authorizes the creation of independent schools within existing school districts
  23. HB 400, Guidelines for pleads of not guilty by reason of insanity
  24. HB 401, [Empty]
  25. HB 402, Designates July 27th as “Korean War Veterans’ Day”
  26. HB 403, Permits students in grades 7-12, under certain circumstances, to substitute time spent practicing for interscholastic sports for phys. ed. Class
  27. HB 404, [Empty]
  28. HB 405, Authorizes State Board of Emergency Medical Services to certify first responders
  29. HB 406, Excludes specified items of residential & familial information about certain peace officers from the definition of “public record” in the Public Records Law
  30. HB 407, Designates US Route 33 as the “Marine Corps League Memorial Highway”
  31. HB 409, Authorizes designation of a private entity as the State Information Depository
  32. HB 410, Several law enforcement policies
  33. HB 411, Specifies circumstances under which no inventory or final accounting of an estate is to be filed in probate court
  34. HB 412, Eliminates enforcement & administration of motor vehicle laws as a purpose for which the fuel excise tax is levied
  35. HB 413, Guidelines for Industrial Commission hearings
  36. HB 414, Defines the natural shoreline of Lake Erie insofar as Sandusky Bay is part of Lake Erie
  37. HB 415, Authorizes the prohibition of the operation of more than one sanitary landfill in a municipality or township
  38. HB 416, Permits a deduction of up to $5000 under the personal income tax for interest & dividends accrued to the stock of certain corporations
  39. HB 417, Requires the State Medical Board to adopt rules est. guidelines for physicians prescribing controlled substances for the management of intractable pain
  40. HB 418, [Empty]
  41. HB 419, Improved safeguards & standardization of adoption process & creation of Putative Father Registry
  42. HB 420, Changes the conditions under which county commissioners may effectively shift sales & use tax revenue from transit purposes to another purpose
  43. HB 421, Mandates a five year sentence for felonies committed with a firearm with an altered serial number
  44. HB 422, Exempts form the state income tax the active duty pay of a member of the armed services serving outside Ohio
  45. HB 423, Several policies involving legal representation
  46. HB 424, Allows a credit against the corporation franchise & state income taxes for a tax payer that purchases new manufacturing machinery & equipment for installation in Ohio
  47. HB 425, [Empty]
  48. HB 426, [Empty]
  49. HB 427, [Empty]
  50. HB 428, Exempts property held by a veterans organization from property taxation even if the organization is not organized exclusively for charitable purposes
  51. HB 429, [Empty]
  52. HB 430, Makes revisions to the Mortgage Loan Law
  53. HB 431, Designates the Miamian Soil Series as the official state soil
  54. HB 432, Provides a definition of “cemetery” & expands scope of the Desecration Law
  55. HB 433, [Empty]
  56. HB 434, [Empty]
  57. HB 435, Revises requirements & procedures governing modifications of hazardous waste facility installation
  58. HB 436, [Empty]
  59. HB 437, Provides for the issuance of Children’s Trust license plates
  60. HB 438, Involves common pleas, municipal, & county court law revisions
  61. HB 439, Requires that state facilities located after Jan. 1, 1997 be located in urban areas exhibiting relatively high rates of unemployment & poverty & low incomes
  62. HB 440, Creates the Rural Industrial Park Loan Program
  63. HB 441, Guidelines for specific tax credits
  64. HB 442, Creates the Urban and Rural Initiative Grant Program
  65. HB 443, [Empty]
  66. HB 444, [Empty]
  67. HB 445, Redefines sexual conduct for the Sex Offense Law
  68. HB 447, Provides property owners with qualified immunities in connection with injury, death, or loss to trespassers
  69. HB 448, [Empty]
  70. HB 449, Prohibits school districts from receiving basic aid & open enrollment payment for same student in same year
  71. HB 450, regards PERS military service credits involving the Cincinnati Retirement System
  72. HB 451, [Empty]
  73. HB 452, Est. immunity for disabled persons using assistance dogs for harm caused by dogs to certain criminals
  74. HB 453, [Empty]
  75. HB 454, [Empty]
  76. HB 455, Regulates frivolous inmate lawsuits
  77. HB 456, Prohibits the improper handling of infectious agents
  78. HB 457, [Empty]
  79. HB 458, [Empty]
  80. HB 459, Authorizes police officers to administer oaths & acknowledge & certify certain written instruments in matters relating to their official duties
  81. HB 460, [Empty]
  82. HB 461, Permits the operator of a bicycle to give a right turn signal by extending the right hand 7 arm horizontally to the right side of the bike
  83. HB 462, Expands the Local Fiscal Emergencies Law
  84. HB 463, Prohibits the state from granting certain income & corporation franchise tax credits to firms relocating in Ohio
  85. HB 464, Prohibits the Dept. of Administrative Services from collecting a service charge from the Ohio Military Reserve for use of federal property acquired by the Dept. and transferred to the Reserve
  86. HB 465, [Empty]
  87. HB 466, [Empty]
  88. HB 467, Replaces “Beautiful Ohio” with “Buckeye Pride” as the state song
  89. HB 468, Revises Fraternity Benefit Societies Law
  90. HB 469, [Empty]
  91. HB 470, [Empty]
  92. HB 471, [Empty]
  93. HB 472, [Empty]
  94. HB 473, Requires the review, at least once every five years, of certain rules subject to review by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review
  95. HB 474, [Empty]
  96. HB 475, [Empty]
  97. HB 476, Numerous guidelines involving natural gas company regulations
  98. HB 477, Provides student members of state university boards of trustees voting power
  99. HB 478, Authorizes the sunsetting of all state agency regulations within three years
  100. HB 479, Changes the membership of the Police & Firemen’s Disability and Pension Fund Board
  101. HB 480, Several regulations pertaining to corrections facilities
  102. HB 481, [Empty]
  103. HB 482, Creates an alternative retirement system for academic or administrative university employees currently covered by PERS, STRS, & SERS
  104. HB 483, [Empty]
  105. HB 484, [Empty]
  106. HB 485, [Empty]
  107. HB 486, [Empty]
  108. HB 487, [Empty]
  109. HB 488, [Empty]
  110. HB 489, Requires a peace officer to arrest a person who has committed the offense of violating a protection order or consent agreement
  111. HB 490, Permits school districts to provide for a daily period of silence for reflection or meditation on a moral, philosophical, or patriotic them
  112. HB 491, [Empty]
  113. HB 492, Revises the definition of “place of accommodation” under the Ohio Civil Rights Law to include specified athletic & social clubs that are deemed to be “not distinctly private”
  114. HB 493, [Empty]
  115. HB 494, Prohibits a county recorder from recording deeds in a foreign language unless it is accompanied by a certified English translation
  116. HB 495, Modifications to the Partnership Having Limited Liability Law, Limited Liability Law, Limited Partnership Law, General Corporation Law, & Small Loan Law
  117. HB 496, [Empty]
  118. HB 497, [Empty]
  119. HB 498, [Empty]
  120. HB 499, [Empty]
  121. HB 500, [Empty]
  122. HB 501, Est. guidelines for county administrators
  123. HB 502, [Empty]