Series 9.9: Box# 116-2018 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-2018 – Governor Legal 121st General Assembly

  1. HB 275, Creates the State unemployment Benefit Reserve Fund
  2. HB 276, Repeals the Prevailing Wage Law
  3. HB 277, Requires certain foreign students to be excused from taking the state proficiency tests, but forbids school districts from prohibiting such students from taking the tests
  4. HB 278, Bureau of Workers Compensation budget
  5. HB 279, Industrial Commission budget
  6. HB 280, Creates Appalachian Public Facilities Task Force & redistributes money allocated to the Appalachian Arts Facilities Task Force
  7. HB 281, Requires tuition at state universities to be waived for spouses of firefighters & peace officers killed on duty
  8. HB 218, Provides qualified immunity to health professionals providing services to indigent or uninsured persons
  9. HB 282, Alterations to the Mortgage Broker Law
  10. HB 283, Establishes a procedure that allows winners who receive lottery prize awards in installments to use their award as collateral for a loan
  11. HB 284, Permits public libraries receiving money from the Library & Local Government Support Fund to issue notes payable from that money
  12. HB 285, Requires the Liquor Control Commission to revoke a liquor permit if the holder of the permit violates, for the third time within a five-year period, the prohibitions of the Liquor Control Law against selling alcohol to a person under 21 years of age
  13. HB 286, Requires health insurance policies to provide benefits for the treatment of severe mental illness equal to benefits for physical diseases
  14. HB 287, [Empty]
  15. HB 288, Est. regulations for appointment of standby guardians for minors
  16. HB 289, Several policies regarding head & brain injuries
  17. HB 290, Requires the appointment of four additional members to the board of park commissioners of a metropolitan park district created by conversion from a township park district
  18. HB 291, Authorizes county commissioners & township trustees to adopt zoning regulations concerning telecommunications towers
  19. HB 294, Requires license plates to bear the slogan “Birthplace of Aviation” & an appropriate symbol representing aviation
  20. HB 295, Several policies concerning copyright royalty collection
  21. HB 296, Permits an electrical cooperative to elect to be regulated by Public Utilities Commission
  22. HB 297, Several adjustments to the Prevailing Wage Law
  23. HB 298, Permits a probate court to exempt certain persons from the requirement to provide public notice of a change-of-name application filed in probate court
  24. HB 299, Several guidelines limited the sale, distribution, & usage of tobacco products
  25. HB 300, Requires an 8 year sentence for those committing felonies in automobiles while armed
  26. HB 301, Requires the Dept. of Education to distribute at least 94% of federal funds to schools & school districts
  27. HB 302, [Empty]
  28. HB 303, [Empty]
  29. HB 304, Provides for the certification of residential real estate appraisers & the registration of real estate appraisers assistants
  30. HB 305, Several policies regarding motor fuel tax laws
  31. HB 306, Several policies regarding school district property tax & school district lease-purchase contracts
  32. HB 307, Permits county school financing districts, w/ voter approval, to levy a sales & use tax of up to one-half of 1% for school district purposes
  33. HB 308, Several actions involving the State Highway Patrol Retirement System
  34. Ibid.
  35. HB 309, Increases the monetary ceiling under which a county engineer may undertake projects
  36. HB 310, Prohibits a person who is convicted of a felony from ever holding elective public office
  37. HB 311, [Empty]
  38. HB 312, Eliminates the authority of the state retirement systems to invest in derivative instruments
  39. HB 313, Authorizes check-cashing businesses to be licensed to make loans
  40. HB 314, Requires copayment charges under insurance policies or HMO contracts to be based on the actual costs paid or payable
  41. HB 315, Several policies involving STRS benefits
  42. HB 316, Abolishes the Ohio Turnpike Commission & creates the Division of Toll Projects within ODOT
  43. HB 317, Specifies that in a negligence action a plaintiff who is found to be contributarily negligent may recover damages if the plaintiff’s negligence is “less than” the negligence of the defendant
  44. HB 318, Several actions involving certificate of need reviews
  45. HB 319, [Empty]
  46. HB 320, Authorizes the Treasurer of State to issue revenue bonds, the proceeds of which must be used to enable a designated nonprofit corporation to acquire education loans made to eligible post-secondary students
  47. HB 321, [Empty]
  48. HB 322, [Empty]
  49. HB 323, Prohibits car dealers from selling autos without written proof vehicle has gone through the basic or enhanced motor vehicle inspection & maintenance program
  50. HB 324, Requires the Ohio Dept. of Human Services to est. the Ohio Putative Father Registry
  51. HB 325, [Empty]
  52. HB 326, Requires prior approval of the proposed annual budget & the issuance of bonds by the advisory council of a sanitary district organized wholly for the reduction of populations of biting arthropods
  53. HB 327, [Empty]
  54. HB 328, Est. specific procedure for the disinterment of remains
  55. HB 329, Requires state & certain local public employers to make the payroll deductions authorized by their employees to pay membership dues to educational and professional associations
  56. HB 330, Involves insurable interest in lives of employees, directors, & retired employees
  57. HB 331, Several policies involving home rule school districts
  58. HB 332, [Empty]
  59. HB 333, Creates the offense of money laundering
  60. HB 334, Permits taxing authorities to replace an existing property tax with a replacement levy only if the existing tax is imposed permanently
  61. HB 335, Creates the Turnpike Oversight Committee
  62. HB 336, Requires the Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation to establish a method for conducting criminal record background checks of prospective transferees of handguns
  63. HB 337, Conveyance of state-owned land to the City of Bowling Green
  64. HB 338, Several policies involving third-party payers of health insurance
  65. HB 339, Defines manufactured home, mobile home, industrial unit, & recreational vehicle to create distinct classifications
  66. HB 3340, Replaces the current system for distributing state basic & catagorical aid to school districts with a mechanism that returns a certain percentage of state income taxes & excess lottery profits to counties for distribution to school districts in the county
  67. HB 341, Requires that joint health districts furnish quarters for the board of health & share equally the costs involved
  68. HB 342, Reduces the number of employees an employer must have in Ohio to qualify for self-insuring status under the Ohio Workers Comp. Law
  69. HB 343, Creates temporary income & corporation franchise tax credits for purchases of new manufacturing equipment
  70. HB 344, Limits the total compensation & retirement benefits that certain mutual health insurance companies may provide to directors, officers, & employees
  71. HB 345, Authorizes as an alternative method of determining a public utility’s operating costs for rate-making purposes, the calculation of those costs for the 12 month period beginning 276 days from a rate application’s filing date
  72. HB 346, [Empty]
  73. HB 347, Defines single room occupancy facilities under Ohio’s Hotel Law
  74. HB 348, Permits a lienholder who has the right to repossess a motor vehicle due to a default in performance of the terms of a security agreement to be issued a certificate of title to that motor vehicle
  75. HB 349, Permits county school financing districts in less populous counties to levy a sales tax of up to of 1% for school district purposes
  76. HB 350, Tort reform bill
  77. HB 351, Changes certain qualifications for being a candidate/ being elected/ appointed sheriff
  78. HB 352, Safeguards Ohio’s economy, public welfare, & agricultural producers from the dissemination of false info
  79. HB 353, Changes certain laws relating to titling, registration, operation, & equipment of motor vehicles
  80. HB 354, Several guidelines regulating actions of real estate brokers
  81. HB 355, Creates a district advisory council in every general health district
  82. HB 356, Changes to the laws governing the organization & responsibilities of the Dept. of Development
  83. HB 357, To permit the use of DNA test on buccal cell samples as an alternative to blood tests to est. paternity
  84. HB 358, Requires Dir. Of Environmental Protection to undertake an antidegradation review whenever a degradation of the surface waters of the state is proposed
  85. HB 359, Prohibits a supplier’s use of mandatory arbitration agreements in connection with consumer transactions unless the supplier satisfies certain conditions set forth in the bill
  86. HB 360, Delays implementation of the enhanced motor vehicle inspection & maintenance program until 1/1/97
  87. HB 361, Requires city school districts to reimburse cities for certain legal & personnel services
  88. HB 362, Makes vehicular homicide a 4th degree felony if the offender was under a license suspension at the time of the offense
  89. HB 363, Prohibits the granting of an award of reparations if the claimant is convicted of a felony during the pendency of the claim
  90. HB 364, [Empty]
  91. HB 365, Several adjustments to state retirement systems
  92. HB 366, Requires K-3 teachers to undergo instruction in phonics & requires state universities to include phonics in their teacher education programs
  93. HB 367, Makes the $10 fee for veterans special license plates a one time only fee
  94. HB 368, Permits courts to require divorcing parents to attend parenting classes or obtain counseling
  95. HB 369, Eliminates the cap that determines eligibility for COLA for PFDPF retirees awarded a pension prior to 7/24/86
  96. HB 370, Authorizes the creation of community schools within any city, local, or exempted village school district & does not limit the number of such schools that may be created
  97. HB 371, Extends statute of limitations for Dalkon Shield, intrauterine device tort actions
  98. HB 372, Provides for the issuance of special cardinal license plates
  99. HB 373, Increases the compensation for the office of sheriff starting in 1997
  100. HB 374, Numerous alterations to the Insurance Law
  101. HB 375, Increases the penalties for the offenses of inducing panic and making false alarms