Series 9.9: Box# 116-2017 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-2017 – Governor Legal 121st General Assembly

  1. HB 197, Eliminates name “Buckeye Tourway” for I 77 &L guidelines for signs on highways
  2. HB 198, [Empty]
  3. HB 199, Increases the maximum monetary jurisdiction of municipal & county courts
  4. HB 200, Redefines “strike” & defines “unauthorized strike” for the purpose of the Public Employees Collective Bargaining Law
  5. HB 201, Provides that the intent of the General Assembly in replacing gender specific language is nonsubstantive
  6. HB 202, Regulations concerning tampering w/ livestock or utilizing unauthorized controlled substances on them
  7. HB 203, Requires the establishment in each county, or in multicounty regions, of a child death review group to review children’s deaths
  8. HB 204, Regulations concerning HMO provider panels & health care plan drug formulary
  9. HB 205, Requires, as a condition of parole eligibility, that certain prisoners obtain an Ohio certificate of high school equivalence during imprisonment
  10. HB 206, Several guidelines concerning high cost mortgage transactions
  11. HB 207, Requires coroner to perform an autopsy at the request of the sheriff or a relative
  12. HB 208, Changes control over aquaculture, raising of same birds, same quadrupeds, & fur-bearing animals from Div. Of Wildlife in DNR to Dept. of Agriculture
  13. HB 209, Creates a Wildlife Indemnification Study Committee
  14. HB 210, Requires parents to grant written permission before a student can receive instruction in VD prevention or human sexuality
  15. HB 211, Numerous changes to the State Lottery Law
  16. HB 212, Prohibits a public agency from maintaining an annual compensation for its employees that exceeds a calculated amount reflecting changes in compensation in the private sector
  17. HB 213, [Empty]
  18. HB 214, Creates Victims of Crime Review Council & alters regulations for parole hearings
  19. HB 215, Permits the appointment of registered voters who care at least 17 as precinct workers
  20. HB 216, Changes procedures of the Ohio Elections Commission & regulates statements candidates can make during campaigns
  21. HB 217, Policies regarding the tourist-oriented directional signs (TODS) program
  22. HB 218, Provides qualified immunity for health professionals volunteering in non-profit shelters
  23. HB 219, Postpones the scheduled termination of the certificate of need program
  24. HB 220, Prohibits major league baseball replacement teams from playing in a publicly funded sports facility
  25. HB 221, Regulations concerning removing legal custody from the parents of an abused child
  26. HB 222, Requires state agencies to provide addresses & personal information to law enforcement officers
  27. HB 223, Numerous policies regarding local school districts
  28. HB 225, Requires solid waste management to follow county competitive bidding requirements when entering into district contracts
  29. HB 226, State issuance & recognition of foreign records
  30. HB 227, [Empty]
  31. HB 228, To adopt the Black Racer as the official state reptile
  32. HB 229, Exemptions from the Private Investigators & Security Services Act
  33. HB 230, Several proposals to alter regulations concerning the issuance of educator licenses
  34. HB 231, Alterations to policies regarding issuance of building permits & contractor bonding
  35. HB 232, Prohibits those subject to anti-stalking or domestic violence protection orders from obtaining firearms
  36. HB 233, Provides that, w/ certain exceptions, once an adoption decree is issued no one may question an adoption decreed on or after the bill’s effective date
  37. HB 234, Requires that CSEA notify a consumer reporting agency that an individual is in default of child support
  38. HB 235, [Empty]
  39. HB 236, Permits a personal income tax deduction for dividends accruing to stock of corporations employing 100 or more Ohioans
  40. HB 237, Permits townships that have adopted limited self-government to regulate hunting, fishing, trapping, and the possession and sales of firearms
  41. HB 238, Creates the crime of fraud against a school board & several regulations concerning tuition
  42. HB 239, Expands the definition of “person,” as used in criminal offenses to include viable, unborn humans
  43. HB 240, Increases the state minimum wage
  44. HB 241, Several adjustments to the Prevailing Wage Law
  45. HB 224, Campaign finance reform
  46. HB 242, Authorizes a special election on May 2, 1995 for submission of a zoning referendum
  47. HB 243, Adjustments to the Building Standards Law
  48. HB 244, Exempts certain church employees from mandatory coverage under the Workers Comp. Law
  49. HB 245, Various measures regarding Workers Comp. & self-insurance enforcement
  50. HB 246, Est. a speed limit of 65 MPH on interstates & certain other freeways
  51. HB 247, Specifies conditions & procedures for the transfer & sale of new watercraft
  52. HB 248, Delays, until Oct. 20 1995, certain provisions of the Financial Responsibility Law
  53. HB 249, To abolish General Assistance
  54. Ibid.
  55. HB 250, Creates the offense of possessing nitrous oxide in a car
  56. HB 251, Eliminates the requirement tat a financial institution have an office in Columbus to be eligible as a public depository of state moneys
  57. HB 252, Excludes annuities & other payments from the value of a decedent’s gross estate to the extent those annuities or payments were contributed by an employer by reason of the decedent’s employment
  58. HB 253, Creates a statewide program to publicize the names of those owing more that $2500 in child support
  59. HB 254, Permits female STRS members to purchase 2 years service credit for period she was pregnant
  60. HB 255, Requires adults receiving assistance to register to vote
  61. HB 256, Prohibits selling, offering to sell, or agreeing to sell a child
  62. HB 257, Designates the offense of ethnic intimidation, when committed by an organization, as “domestic terrorism”
  63. HB 258, [Empty]
  64. HB 259, Increases to $5000 the amount of a claim against the state that the Clerk of Court of Claims is required to determine
  65. HB 260, Creates the rural site development & speculative building programs in the Dept. Of Development
  66. HB 261, [Empty]
  67. HB 262, [Empty]
  68. HB 263, Regulations involving sanitarians & food service operations
  69. HB 265, Prohibits the placement of children alleged or adjudicated abused, neglected, or dependent in detention facilities
  70. HB 266, Regulations involving adoption records from foreign countries
  71. HB 267, Allows juvenile criminal records to be introduced in certain criminal trials when defendant is an adult
  72. HB 268, Allows county prosecuting attorneys to provide legal services to metro park districts
  73. HB 269, Several changes to the Joint Economic Development District Law
  74. HB 270, Requires successful completion of OMVI instruction course for a drivers license
  75. HB 271, [Empty]
  76. HB 272, Includes grain moisture meters among the devices subject to the Weights & Measures Law
  77. HB 273, Requires the use of the English language in the official actions of state agencies
  78. HB 274, Creates the Ohio Family & Children First Cabinet Council & guidelines for abused children and adoption
  79. Ibid.