Series 9.9: Box# 116-2016 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-2016 – Governor Legal 121st General Assembly

  1. HB 118, Requires 2/3 of personal income & corporate tax receipts be expended exclusively for education programs & state funded school district property tax relief
  2. HB 119, Creates Lake Erie Coastal Erosion Area
  3. HB 120, Creates Ohio Health Insurance Access Program
  4. HB 121, Est. a program for issuing licenses to persons to carry concealed firearms
  5. HB 122, Arbitration guidelines for expenses involving sanitary landfills
  6. HB 123, Retirement system benefits to surviving spouses
  7. HB 124, Authorizes revocation of driver’s licenses of juvenile offenders convicted of specific felonies
  8. HB 125, Modifications in the drug offense statutes to harmonize w/ SB 2
  9. HB 126, Requires death sentence for 2nd conviction on certain felonies
  10. HB 127, Labels certain offenses as “revocation offenses”
  11. HB 128, Est. life sentence w/o parole as alternative to death penalty for aggravated murder
  12. HB 129, [Empty]
  13. HB 130, [Empty]
  14. HB 131, Creates the Constitutional Defense Council
  15. HB 132, Requires government agencies to furnish criminal records for those working w/ children
  16. HB 133, Sets forth guidelines for the operation of the board of directors of a sanitary district
  17. HB 134, Est. guidelines for the operation of the board of directors of a sanitary district
  18. HB 135, Ban on dilation & extraction procedure
  19. HB 136, Regards school district borrowing practices
  20. HB 137, Requires counties to pay for special elections involving school districts
  21. HB 138, [Empty]
  22. HB 139, Requires licensing boards to revoke licenses of those in default of child support
  23. HB 140, Est. that certain court costs be used to fund domestic violence shelters
  24. HB 141, Designates part of IR 470 as Belmont County Veterans Memorial Highway
  25. HB 142, [Empty]
  26. HB 143, Allows amateur athletic organizations to obtain bingo licenses
  27. HB 144, Requires physicians w/o malpractice insurance to notify their patients
  28. HB 145, Various issues involving convict parole
  29. HB 146, Creates the offense of disarming a law enforcement officer
  30. HB 147, Requires est. of program to construct semi-permanent buildings for prisoners
  31. HB 148, [is actually SB 148]
  32. HB 149, Requires each high school to include performance of community service as graduate requirement
  33. HB 150, Exempts persons qualifying for the homestead & manufactured home exemptions from future increases in school district property tax rates
  34. HB 151, Regulations concerning judgeships & legal aid societies
  35. HB 152, To prevent prisoners from using certain exercise equipment or martial arts programs
  36. HB 153, Expands eligibility for the homestead & manufactured home exemption by increasing the income limits
  37. HB 154, Creates the offense of possession of a deadly weapon while under detention
  38. HB 155, Changes name of the Sunset Review Board to the Sunrise & Sunset Review Committee
  39. HB 156, Allows surviving spouse to inherit two of deceased’s automobiles
  40. HB 157, Alterations to the homestead & manufactured home tax exemptions
  41. HB 158, Prohibits the discharging of a firearm within 1000 feet of a residence
  42. HB 159, Limits board of education restrictions on student expression
  43. HB 160, Restrictions on the investment authority of local governments
  44. HB 161, [Empty]
  45. HB 162, Modifies laws relative to harmful intoxicants
  46. HB 163, Permits local government to recover prisoner health care expenses if prisoner has insurance
  47. HB 164, Modifies laws pertaining to reparation grants to crime victims
  48. HB 165, [Empty]
  49. HB 166, Est. the offenses of “negligent storage of a loaded firearm” & “selling of transferring firearms without a warning about proper firearm storage”
  50. HB 167, Welfare Reform Bill
  51. HB 168, Reduces, for property tax purposes, the rate of assessment on manufacturers’ inventory
  52. HB 169, Regards multiple prime contracts for state jobs
  53. HB 170, Prevents hunting & fishing licenses being issued to those in default of child support
  54. HB 171, Changes the composition of the State Teachers Retirement Board
  55. HB 172, Welfare Reform Bill
  56. HB 171, Veto info regarding HB 172
  57. HB 173, [Empty]
  58. HB 174, Increases the state income tax personal exemption
  59. HB 175, Various measures to prevent child abuse
  60. HB 176, [Empty]
  61. HB 177, Requires criminal background checks for nursing home employees & various educational measures
  62. HB 178, Expands the elements of the offense of “illegal conveyance or possession of deadly weapons on school premises”
  63. HB 179, Provides for creation & administration of Medical Savings Accounts
  64. HB 180, Ohio’s Megan’s Law
  65. HB 181, Changes to the Wiretapping Law
  66. HB 182, Requires a financial disclosure statement of university presidents be publicly available
  67. HB 183, Handicap employment contracts for regional transit authorities
  68. HB 184, Increases the penalties for offenses involving obscenity or sexual material
  69. HB 185, Est. the Sex Offender Registration Law
  70. HB 186, Designates the 3rd Saturday in June as “Destroyer Escort Day in Ohio”
  71. HB 187, Requires the Director of the Legislative Service Commission to establish a legislative ombudsman program to direct & monitor action on citizen problems with the state government
  72. HB 188, Creates Recreational Trails Enforcement Fund & prohibits exposure of private parts in state parks
  73. HB 189, Authorizes township trustees to regulate noise around liquor distributors
  74. HB 190, Requires life sentence without parole for those not receiving death penalty for murdering a peace officer
  75. HB 191, Requires the excess lottery profits be used for educational purposes
  76. HB 192, Permits joint fire & ambulance services for districts encompassing the same geographic territory
  77. HB 193, Changes term “consumer credit counseling service” to “budget & debt counseling service” in Revised Code
  78. HB 194, Adjustments to regulations pertaining to budgets of political subdivisions
  79. HB 195, Creates a tax credit for employers proportionate to the differential between workers compensation premiums paid to Ohio & those paid in bordering states