Series 9.9: Box# 116-2014 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-2014 – Governor Legal 121st General Assembly

  1. HB 69, Requires the headlights of a vehicle be lighted when the windshield wipers are in use
  2. HB 70, Creates State Board of Natural Hair Styling
  3. HB 71, Exempts lawn care & landscaping services from sales tax when sold to person disabled or over 60
  4. HB 72, Expands the scope of weapons offenses in schools or on school property
  5. HB 73, Conveyance of state land to Harrison Township, Montgomery County
  6. HB 74, Regulations applying to HMOs
  7. HB 75, Creates a qualified immunity to “whistle blowers”
  8. HB 76, Modifies the law requiring the registration of habitual sex offenders
  9. HB 77, Changes from mandatory to optional the provision of mine subsidence insurance coverage
  10. HB 78, Increases the statute of limitations applicable to “medical claims” from one year to two
  11. HB 79, Requires new school buses be equipped with a single white strobe light
  12. HB 80, Requires a valid drivers license to obtain a certificate of title to a motor vehicle
  13. HB 81, Employment of substitute teachers, expulsion for gun or knife in school
  14. HB 82, Requires state to pay for investigations of crimes committed in state prisons or youth facilities
  15. HB 83, Requires certain health care policies to provide benefits for specified equipment & supplies for the treatment of diabetes & for diabetes self-management education
  16. HB 84, [Empty]
  17. HB 85, Creates the offense of intimidating a child
  18. HB 86, Regulations applying to county budgeting
  19. HB 87, Campaign finance reform
  20. HB 88, Creates new offenses involving firearms in county courthouses
  21. HB 89, Regulations concerning amount of student personal information schools may obtain
  22. HB 90, [Empty]
  23. HB 91, Creates the Education Management Information System
  24. HB 92, Changes age requirements for entry into kindergarten & 1st grade
  25. HB 93, [Empty]
  26. HB 94, Requires lottery & liquor sales agents to pay back taxes or lose permits
  27. HB 95, Est. mandatory sentence against offenders convicted of certain crimes against children
  28. HB 96, Est. mandatory sentence against offenders convicted of certain crimes against the elderly
  29. HB 97, [Empty]
  30. HB 98, Involves the release of information by the VA concerning vets applying for state assistance
  31. HB 99, Numerous alterations to election laws & campaign reform
  32. HB 100, Changes the closing time of polls in primary & special elections not held on same day as general election
  33. HB 101, [Empty]
  34. HB 102, [Empty]
  35. HB 103, Creates a statutory cause of action for an employment intentional tort & specifies the procedures that apply in such a case of action
  36. HB 104, [Empty]
  37. HB 105, Exempts minors employed as actors from the Minor Labor Law
  38. HB 106, New requirements for introducing environmental protection legislation
  39. HB 107, Transportation/highway budget for 1995-97
  40. HB 108, Regulations for utilization reviews of health care services
  41. HB 109, Regulations for nonprofit organizations receiving moneys from counties
  42. HB 110, Allows the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Veterans Home to utilize volunteers
  43. HB 111, Requires the Tax Commissioner to request an agreement w/ the federal government whereby state income taxes are withheld from federal retirees’ pension payments
  44. HB 112, Prohibits utilities from billing customers bases on average or expected use without permission
  45. HB 113, [Empty]
  46. HB 114, [Empty]
  47. HB 115, [Empty]
  48. HB 116, [Empty]
  49. HB 117, Omnibus Budget Bill
  50. Veto Changes, veto material regarding HB 117
  51. Ibid.
  52. MR/DD, materials from county boards of MR/DD requesting line item veto of HB 117
  53. [Loose Material], regarding educational budget
  54. Veto memos – HB117