Series 9.9: Box# 116-2013 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-2013 – Governor Legal 121st General Assembly

  1. HJR 1, [Empty]
  2. HJR 2, Proposes constitutional amendment to alter Governor’s authority to commute sentences
  3. HJR 3, [Empty]
  4. HJR 4, [Empty]
  5. HJR 5, [Empty]
  6. HJR 6, Constitutional amendment to prevent bail to certain felons
  7. HJR 7, Constitutional amendment prohibiting laws requiring sharing of income tax between school districts
  8. HJR 8, Constitutional amendment to require 2/3 of all personal income tax be spent for education
  9. HJR 9, Constitutional amendment that requires 3/5 vote to pass a bill that imposes a tax
  10. HJR 10, [Empty]
  11. HJR 11, Constitutional amendment to permit school districts to vote to become home rule school districts
  12. HJR 12, Constitutional amendment authorizing issuance of $1.2 billion for local government infrastructure
  13. HJR 13, Ibid.
  14. HJR 15, Constitutional amendment prevents lame duck passage of income increases for elected officials
  15. [Loose Materials], HJR 18, Constitutional amendment that General Assembly vacancies be filled by election not appointment
  16. HJR 19, Constitutional amendment that net profits from new lottery games be used to finance public sports facilities
  17. HB 1, Juvenile crime bill including mandatory bindover procedure
  18. Ibid.
  19. HB 2, Omnibus Crime Bill
  20. HB 3, Limits time period for postconviction relief
  21. HB 4, Increases penalty for theft of a firearm & juvenile gun bill
  22. HB 2, Mix of materials on HJR 15, SB 186, HB 596, & HJR 3 all dealing with crime
  23. HB 5, DNA database on criminals
  24. HB 6, Requires life sentence for certain repeat offenders
  25. HB 7, Establishes the Administrator of Workers Compensation
  26. HB 8, Campaign contribution reform
  27. HB 9, Ibid.
  28. HB 10, Alterations to the Public Employment Risk Reduction Program
  29. HB 11, Allows county commissioners to adopt alternative subdivision rules
  30. HB 12, Rules for entering into contracts for unforeseen extra work on township roads
  31. HB 13, Establishes Ohio Directory of New Hires
  32. HB 14, [Empty]
  33. HB 15, [Empty]
  34. HB 16, [Empty]
  35. HB 17, [Empty]
  36. HB 18, Increases the maximum amount that may be recovered from the parents of certain juvenile offenders
  37. HB 19, Ensures gender equity is interscholastic & intercollegiate athletic programs
  38. HB 20, Decreases the distance from school for which a school district must provide student transportation
  39. HB 21, Distribution of Lottery Profits Education Fund
  40. HB 22, Storage & disposal of low-level radioactive waste
  41. HB 23, Withdraws Ohio from the Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact
  42. HB 24, [Empty]
  43. HB 25, Requires as a condition of GA & DA, that non-high school graduates between 14-22 attend school
  44. HB 26, Requires insurance premium reductions for airbag-equipped automobiles
  45. HB 27, Excludes retirement benefits from homestead exemption computations
  46. HB 28, Forces certain parents to pay for care of a committed delinquent child’s care based on income
  47. HB 29, Allows two boards of education to share the cost of transporting a pupil
  48. HB 30, Requires all income taxes withheld from lottery winnings to be deposited directly into the Lottery Profits Education Fund
  49. HB 31, [Empty]
  50. HB 32, Allows dock owners to tow unauthorized boats away without permission
  51. HB 33, Allows certain counties to call special elections for sales tax
  52. HB 34, [Empty]
  53. HB 35, Extension of Son of Sam Law, est. Crime Victims Recovery Fund
  54. HB 36, Revises laws governing municipal annexations & detachments
  55. HB 37, Regards responsibilities involved in discharging oil into navigable water
  56. HB 38, Increases amount of resources a debtor may hold exempt from a court order
  57. HB 39, Rules governing sales of hearing aids
  58. HB 40, Sex offender HIV testing & new offenses for HIV positive prostitution
  59. HB 41, Creates the offense of “selling information about an allegedly criminal act”
  60. HB 42, Required schooling/training for individuals receiving assistance
  61. HB 43, Alters the basic aid formula & cost-of-doing-business factors for schools
  62. HB 44, Est. qualified immunity for employers releasing job performance info of former employees
  63. HB 45, Creates the offense of “carjacking”
  64. HB 46, Revision of the Public Records Law
  65. HB 47, [Empty]
  66. HB 48, [Empty]
  67. HB 49, Est. a recreation-wilderness pilot project in the Mohican State Forest
  68. HB 50, Permits townships to regulate or restrict businesses selling material that is “obscene”
  69. HB 51, Increases penalties for drug offenses near senior citizen or child day-care centers
  70. HB 52, Creates the offense of aggravated abuse of a corpse
  71. HB 53, Eliminates provisions that set standards for determining the ownership of certain nursing homes located in leased buildings
  72. HB 54, Allows a joint recreation district to be composed of less than the entire territory of each of its participating political subdivisions
  73. HB 55, [Empty]
  74. HB 56, Services of township constables
  75. HB 57, Eases restrictions on the location of agency liquor stores
  76. HB 58, Requires an employer to provide a health care plan that permits an employee to have the choice of health care providers
  77. HB 59, Increases state funding of education
  78. HB 60, Decentralization of state government
  79. HB 61, Permits county commissioners to operate a county transit system
  80. HB 62, Est. a two-year family day-care home pilot project in Paulding County
  81. HB 65, Revisions to the health Care and Insurance Laws
  82. HB 66, Creates the State Bingo Commission
  83. HB 67, Conveyance of Ohio Historical Society land to Fairfield County
  84. HB 68, Exempts fuel sold for use in school buses from the state motor vehicle fuel tax