Series 9.9: Box# 116-0059 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-0059 – 119th General Assembly House Bills 1-115

  1. HB 1, Voluntary spending limits in political campaigns
  2. HB 2, Creates the Office of Environmental Development and Recycling
  3. HB 3, Limits on campaign contributions to candidates
  4. HB 4, Revises reporting requirements on campaign contributions
  5. HB 5, Enforcement hazardous waste cleanup on residential & agri. Property
  6. HB 6, Prohibits mandatory pooling within single or multifamily residential areas
  7. HB 7, Established off-duty performance of law enforcement activities
  8. HB 8, Establishes the Ohio Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
  9. HB 9, Requires a motor vehicle fuel quality testing program
  10. HB 10, Expands homestead & manufactured home exemptions
  11. HB 11, Requires policy holders to inform persons of failure to pay premiums
  12. HB 12, Requires notification of victims when furlough granted to prisoners
  13. HB 13, Allows credit purchase for school board members in PERS, STRS, & SERS
  14. HB 14, Excludes certain improvements at Sandusky Bay
  15. HB 15, Controls obstructions to air navigation
  16. HB 16, Relates to accelerated benefits on insurance policies
  17. HB 17, Requires sewage haulers to be registered by local boards of health
  18. HB 18, Requires school boards to hold two hearings on school construction
  19. HB 19, Allows fingerprinting of children suspected of felonies
  20. HB 20, Prohibits recording phone or Social Security numbers on payments
  21. HB 21, Enacts a universal succession law on inherited property
  22. HB 22, Eliminates restrictions on reviewing premium insurance rates
  23. HB 23, Increases from two to four legislative members on Devel. Financing Advis. Bd.
  24. HB 24, Prohibits adult entertainment signs visible from interstates
  25. HB 25, Expands co. commissioners spending on community improvement corps.
  26. HB 26, Requires six year incarceration for committing felonies w/ semi-auto gun
  27. HB 27, Relates to delinquent children being tried as adults
  28. HB 28, Sets a maximum APR on credit
  29. HB 29, Permits persons sentenced to death to choose lethal injections
  30. HB 30, Prohibits employers from getting prior workers comp info from prospective employees
  31. HB 31, Relating to employer pay to employees serving on juries
  32. HB 32, Prohibits common law marriages
  33. HB 33, Excludes certain retirement benefits from homestead exemptions
  34. HB 34, Allows claiming a dependent under 21 for unemployment
  35. HB 35, Allows college vanity plates
  36. HB 36, Allows fees on packaging materials to use for recycling programs
  37. HB 37, Requires criminals to pay a fee for probation services
  38. HB 38, Controls automated phone dialing
  39. HB 39, Partially removes motor vehicle registration info from public schools
  40. HB 40, Changes closing time of polling places
  41. HB 41, Limits bidder preference in state contracts
  42. HB 42, Eliminates score requirement on proficiency tests
  43. HB 43, Imposes a five business day cooling off period on camping club contracts
  44. HB 44, Requires income tax credits on multiple municipal accessments
  45. HB 45, Increases small claims to $2,500
  46. HB 46, Requires lien notices in favor of federal govt. be recorded locally
  47. HB 47, Relating to lottery money for school building funds
  48. HB 48, Relating to reporting Job Training Partnership Act funds
  49. HB 49, Relating to unlawful discriminatory employment practices
  50. HB 50, Ceases state employee job classification modernization plan
  51. HB 51, Creates Ohio Math and Science College Tuition Conditional Grant Program
  52. HB 52, Exempts certain marinas from regulation under the Marina Law
  53. HB 53, Allows local school board members to be on joint vocational school boards
  54. HB 54, Changes cost of living increase base for PERS, SERS
  55. HB 55, Retains requirement for ninth-grade proficiency for high school diploma
  56. HB 56, Requires continued group health policies for called-up reservists
  57. HB 57, Allows township trustees to advance money to water & sewer districts
  58. HB 58, Relating to deputy registrar’s office hours
  59. HB 59, Includes parole & probation officers in PERS
  60. HB 60, Allows transfer of White Star State Park to Sandusky Co. Park District
  61. HB 61, Validates school district bonds or notes from Nov. 6, 1990 election
  62. HB 62, Adds anabolic steroids to controlled substance schedule III
  63. HB 63, Relating to beverage container deposits
  64. HB 64, Excludes unredeemed gift certificates from unclaimed funds
  65. HB 65, Requires school buses to have audible-visual warning devices
  66. HB 66, Relating to extending homestead exemption to survivor of deceased
  67. HB 67, Permits local govts. To purchase veteran burial plots
  68. HB 68, requires absentee signatures on absentee voter applications
  69. HB 69, Creates Allied Health Care Advisory Commission
  70. HB 70, Exempt prosecutors from filing fee with Supreme Court
  71. HB 71, Restricts automatic dialing and announcing equipment
  72. HB 72, Changes State Board of Education to an appointed board
  73. HB 73, Establishes standards and rules governing building plans
  74. HB 74, Relates to membership on a county central committee
  75. HB 75, Prohibits health care policy limitations on pharmacy selections
  76. HB 76, Prohibits PUCO from accessing more than 50% public money on RR crossing
  77. HB 77, Allows townships to adopt limited self-government
  78. HB 78, Prohibits library districts to divide school districts
  79. HB 79, Whistleblowers protected over conflicting collective bargaining agreements
  80. HB 80, Allows PERS member to purchase credit
  81. HB 81, Relating to rape cases
  82. HB 82, Changes title of chief of county children’s services
  83. HB 83, Permits law & medical officers workers comp. For psych. services
  84. HB 84, Limits lease increases in manufactured home parks
  85. HB 85, Allows limited driving by people under suspension
  86. HB 86, Creates Ohio Steel Industry Advisory Commission
  87. HB 87, Makes Ohio part of Interstate Compact on Agricultural Grain Marketing
  88. HB 88, Authorizes concentrated animal feeding operations
  89. HB 89, Relating to deceased’s estate relieved from administration
  90. HB 90, Relating to intervivas trusts
  91. HB 91, Allows Student Choice Grants for religious studies
  92. HB 92, Imposes written disclosures regarding membership camping contracts
  93. HB 93, Grants extensions for real estate property taxes for Desert Shield vets
  94. HB 94, Requires a hearing on a domestic protection order if offender requests it
  95. HB 95, Requires a land installment contract to be examined by county auditor
  96. HB 96, Increases speed limit to 65 MPH on some highways
  97. HB 97, Regulations of cable TV companies by PUCO
  98. HB 98, Relating to class sizes in k-4
  99. HB 99, Relating to all day kindergarten
  100. HB 100, Prohibits teachers from teaching more than 125 students per day
  101. HB 101, Provides grants to upgrade primary school programs
  102. HB 102, Provides grants for youth programs in schools outside of school hours
  103. HB 103, Authorizes municipalities to issue securities in anticipation of levies
  104. HB 105, Provides money for gifted units & Reading Recovery Programs
  105. HB 106, Eliminates ban on holding another position for people on State Bd. Of Ed.
  106. HB 107, Creates income tax refund check-offs for hunger relief & homeless
  107. HB 108, Protects identity of women in failed abortions
  108. HB 109, Creates immunity from tort liability in connection with gleaning
  109. HB 110, Requires three members of Lottery Commission be from education field
  110. HB 111, Eliminates that deputy fir. Of DOT be a professional engineer
  111. HB 112, Exempts $10,000 of government retirement from income tax
  112. HB 113, Authorizes sickness & accident insurance co.’s exempt from health benefit laws
  113. HB 114, Relates to living wills
  114. HB 115, Minimum time for passing a stopped school bus