Series 9.8: Box #116-2024 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-2024 – Governor Legal 121st General Assembly

  1. HB 215, Requires the Governor’s appointees to serve on university boards of trustees be women
  2. 216, Authorizes county commissioners to est. extended area service within county at flat rate
  3. 217, Addresses issues relating to interstate banking
  4. 218, Permits state universities to provide police services to another state university
  5. 219, Redefines sexual conduct to include the insertion of any body part or object into the vaginal or anal cavity and to merge the offense of felonious sexual penetration into the offense of rape
  6. 220, Excepts from the Schedule V controlled substances schedule drugs containing limited amounts of ephedrine
  7. 221, Authorizes owners of contaminated property to voluntarily clean it up – “Brownfield Bill”
  8. 222, Establishes the offenses of forging educational or government documents & trafficking them
  9. 223, Revises the laws regarding the Counselor & Social Worker Board
  10. 224, Excludes from the value of a decedent’s estate for taxation purposes the value of annuities & other payments to the extent contributed by the decedent’s employer by reason of employment
  11. 225, Allows large city school districts to have appointed rather than elected boards of education
  12. 226, [Empty]
  13. 227, [Empty]
  14. 230, To issue educator licenses instead of teacher’s certificates
  15. 239, Expands the definition of “persons” as used in the Criminal Code
  16. 240, Creates the Ohio Athletic Commission
  17. 245, Allows certain kinds of property tax levies on pres. primary election day to pass w/ 50% of vote
  18. 246, Explicitly prohibits the sale of a drug after its expiration date
  19. 250, Designates last Sunday in September as “Gold Star Mothers Day”
  20. 257, Modifies the Ohio Public Works Commission Law
  21. 258, Death penalty resentencing
  22. 259, Corrections bill for Am. Sub. SB 218
  23. 261, Local ballot questions
  24. 262, Modifies requirements for recording the content of affidavits relating to real estate
  25. 263, Revises the grounds for disqualification of a judge
  26. 264, Capital reappropriations for schools
  27. 266, Specifies the taxable party for the sales tax involving printed material that is free of charge
  28. 269, Felon sentencing & corrections
  29. 277, Creates the offense of “trademark counterfeiting”
  30. 285, Modifies procedures used to determine whether a defendant is incompetent
  31. 287, Alters responsibilities of Director of Transportation
  32. 289, Creates “Ohio Aviation & Aerospace History Education Week”
  33. 291, Designates week of April 19 as “Child Care Worker Appreciation Week”
  34. 292, Child support posters, child support enforcement, best interest determinations in adoptions
  35. 295, Revises the statutes governing the operation & regulation of watercraft
  36. 300, Creates second Chance Trust Fund
  37. 306, PUCO alternate rate regulation
  38. [Loose Materials], Veto message for Am. Sub. SB 310