Series 9.8: Box #116-0058 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-0058 – Legal Div., 119th
General Assembly Senate Bills 1-85

  1. SB 316, Accounting Board and requirements for Certified Public Accountants
  2. 297, Compensation for board members of general and city health districts and transfer of property used to provide health care services
  3. 75, Registration of interior designers and creation of Interior Designers Registration Board
  4. 1, Modified Uniform Rights of the Terminally Ill Act
  5. SCR 5, Child disabilities
  6. 6, Joint Select Committee on Infant Health
  7. 11, Memorializing Congress to review the provisions of the Social Security Act known as the Social Security Offset and Windfall
  8. 13, Honoring the Union-Scioto High School boys basketball team on being 1990-91 Division III state runner-up
  9. 14, Honoring Dr. James M. Freed as a 1991 Ohio Academy of Science Centennial Honoree
  10. 15, Honoring Dr. James B. Farison as a 1991 Ohio Academy of Science Centennial Honoree
  11. 16, Honoring Richard B. Engehahl as a 1991 Ohio Academy of Science Centennial Honoree
  12. SJR 17, Memorializing the members of the US Congress and the executive branch of the federal government to make simplification of the federal tax code their highest priority
  13. SCR 17, Honoring Dr. Merman J. Eichel as a 1991 Ohio Academy of Science Centennial Honoree
  14. 18, Honoring Dr. Ralph W. Dexter as a 1991 Ohio Academy of Science Centennial Honoree
  15. 19, Honoring Dr. Allen G. Noble as a 1991 Ohio Academy of Science Centennial Honoree
  16. 51, To create a Joint Select Committee to Study Veterans Affirmative Action to monitor the compliance of Ohio’s state-supported four-year universities
  17. 58, To request the Legislative Service Commission to study the benefits and cost effectiveness of the Reading Recovery Program and other reading intervention programs
  18. SR 110, Pledging the assistance of the State of Ohio and its citizens for the needs of its veterans returning from Operation Desert Storm
  19. HJR 2, Proposes a constitutional amendment to eliminate the State Board of Education and the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction and to provide for a Director of Public Instruction
  20. ASCR 12, Urging the US Soccer Federation to select Ohio as a 1994 World Cup venue
  21. SJR 3, Proposes to amend the Ohio Constitution to prohibit any person from holding the office of Lt. Governor, Auditor of State, Sec. Of State, Treas. Of State, or Atty. Gen. For a period longer than two.
  22. 4, Petitioning the Congress of the US to adopt an amendment to the Constitution of the US that the federal budget be balanced
  23. 5, Proposing to amend Section 4 of Article VI of the Ohio Constitution to require election of one member of the State Board of Education from each of Ohio’s Congressional districts
  24. SSCR 6, To est. the Joint Select Committee on Infant Health and Family Support
  25. SJR 7, To authorize the enrollment of SB 206 of the 119th GA in typewriting or by hand pursuant to section 101.53 of the Revised Code
  26. 8, Same as above – but for SB 207
  27. 9, Ibid. – SB 208
  28. 10, Providing that the boundaries of the GA districts est. in the 1991 apportionment may be created using the US Bureau of the Census
  29. SR 111, Relative to the creation of a Senate Select Telecommunications Infrastructure and Technology Committee to recommend action for the future economic well-being of Ohio
  30. 120, To adopt Rules of the Senate for the 119th GA
  31. 121, Directing the Health and Human Services Committee to study the adequacy of Medicaid reimbursement to anesthesiologists at urban teaching hospitals with large Medicaid caseloads
  32. 670, Requesting the Attorney General to give a written opinion concerning the placement of multi-way step signs by a municipal corporation at locations that do not conform
  33. SB 1, Living Will
  34. 2, Requirement that information be given to women before an abortion
  35. 3, Public employees in military service – leave of absence & compensation
  36. 4, Exempt $10,000 of govt. pension retirement from income tax
  37. 5, Recycling
  38. 6, Joint Select Committee on Infant Health and Family Support
  39. 7, Civil rights laws revisions regarding employment
  40. 8, Election laws revision
  41. 9, Increases the offenses of attempted aggravated murder or murder and conspiracy to commit aggravated murder or murder, from a felony of the first degree to an aggravated felony of the first degree
  42. 10, Child support
  43. 11, To prohibit liquor sales at gas stations
  44. 12, Increases money school boards can pay for accrediting assoc. dues & fees
  45. 13, Increases penalty for passing bad checks
  46. 14, To authorize enrollment of Am. Sub. S.B. 273 of the 119th GA in typewriting or by hand pursuant to section 101.53 of the RC
  47. 15, Collection agency regulation
  48. 16, Long-term care insurance; outlines of coverage
  49. 17, Execution of a Living Will
  50. 18, Increases small claims to $2,500
  51. 19, Allows boards of township trustees to advance money to regional water and sewer districts
  52. 20, Filing county and township zoning regulations
  53. 21, Authorizes DAS to provide office space to vet org.’s
  54. 22, Allow PERS & STERS retirants to authorize dues check-offs
  55. 23, Creates the Ohio Steel Industry Advisory Commission
  56. 24, Prohibits intermittent strikes by school employees
  57. 25, Special license plates for US Military Reserves
  58. 26, Changes garnishment rules
  59. 27, Validates school bonds or notes from Nov. 1990 election
  60. 28, Allowance of reduced speed limits on improved township roads
  61. 29, Insurance regulatory options
  62. 30, Cost estimate of school laws
  63. 31, Crime victim assistance
  64. 32, Chrysler Bill
  65. 33, Exempting a marina on a canal lake
  66. 34, Tort liability involving hazardous waste
  67. 35, Creates an Ombudsman in Div. Of Workshops & Factories, Dept. Indus. Rel.
  68. 36, Collection or disposition of collateral
  69. 37, Definition of detention
  70. 38, Regulation of tanning facilities
  71. 39, County & township smoking regulations
  72. 40, Limitation of tobacco vending machines
  73. 41, School attendance requirement for ADC eligibility
  74. 42, Increase public improvement minimum for prevailing wage from $4,000 to $250,000
  75. 43, Eliminates high school proficiency test requirement for graduation
  76. 44, Death penalty
  77. 45, Ohio Higher Education Scholarship Fund
  78. 46, Prohibits interference with hunters
  79. 47, Exempting income tax for Desert Storm vets
  80. 48, Sentence reduction for inmates getting GED
  81. 49, Warrentless arrest of probation violators
  82. 50, Student expulsions
  83. 51, Speed limit increase from 55 to 65
  84. ASCR 51, Creates Joint Select Committee to Study Veterans Affirmative Action
  85. SB 52, Athletic participation tied to GPA
  86. SCR 52, Creates Joint Select Committee on Economic Development Policy
  87. SB 53, Creates Education Goals and Strategy Commission
  88. 54, Ask US Congress for health care to retired coal miners
  89. 55, Recognizing “Employ the Older Worker” Week
  90. 56, Honoring the St. Edward HS Hockey Team
  91. 57, Square dance as official Ohio folk dance
  92. SCR 58, Recognizing and supporting the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
  93. 59, Recognizing “Help Yourself, Buy America Day”
  94. SB 60, Subdivision plat recording
  95. 61, Disposal of voter registration forms
  96. SCR 62, Honoring Greg Simpson on being named Ohio Mr. Basketball
  97. 63, Asking Congress for Medicaid money for drug & alcohol treatment programs
    SB 63, Contracting to run minimum security jails
  98. SB 64, Exempts prevailing wage for townships with less than 5,000 pop.
  99. 65, School bus audible-visual sensory warning
  100. 66, Juvenile finger-printing
  101. SCR 67, Asking federal govt. to prevent unfair trade of foreign steel / SR 67, Livestock dealer records keeping increased from 12 to 24 mos.
  102. SR 68, Livestock dealer damages
  103. 70, Prosecutor fee exemption with Supreme Court of Ohio
  104. ASB 70, Ibid.
  105. SB 71, Creates Office of Environmental Development & Recycling
  106. 72, Funding for Reading Recovery Program
  107. 73, Business opportunity plan
  108. 74, Consideration of age of victim in sentencing offender
  109. 75, Interior Designers Registration Board
  110. 76, [Empty]
  111. 77, [Empty]
  112. 78, Urban Jobs and Enterprise Zone Law
  113. 79, Report of Child Abuse and Neglect
  114. 80, Est. the offense of felonious assault by gross abuse
  115. 81, Park district investment of money
  116. 82, Creates offense of pre-natal child neglect
  117. 83, Loan repayment for doctor graduates practicing in shortage areas
  118. 84, Immunity to professional org.’s members assisting members’ substance abuse
  119. 85, Share guarantee insurance for credit unions