Series 9.7: Box# 116-458 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-458 – Executive Orders & Proclamations (1993 Continued)

1993 Executive Orders & Proclamations
  1. EO 93-86V, Implement Temp. Fee Wavier for Assistance in Relief Efforts for Victims of Great Flood
  2. EO 93-87V, Adopt a School & Project Pass
  3. EO 93-88V, MRDD; ER Amend 5123:2-15-01
  4. EO 93-89V, HS; ER Rescind 5101:3-27-01
  5. EO 93-91V, R&C; ER Rescind & Adopt 5120:1-5-01 Through 07
  6. EO 93-92V, HS; Ohio Vets Children Home
  7. EO 93-93V, Nursing; ER Adopt 4723-21-01
  8. EO 93-94V, Cont. Auth. For Use of Federal Block Grant for Community Development
  9. EO 93-95V, Cont. Auth. For Use of Fed. Block Grant for Low Income Home Energy Asst.
  10. EO 93-96V, Cont. Auth. For Use of Fed. Block for Alcohol & Drug Abuse & MH Svcs.
  11. EO 93-97V, Cont. Auth. For Use of Fed. Block for Low Income Home Energy Asst.
  12. EO 93-98V, Cont. Auth. For Use of Fed. Block for Comm. Deve.
  13. EO 93-99V, Cont. Auth. Of Advisory Council on Fed. Library Prog.
  14. EO 93-100V, Cont. Auth. Of ODNR to Develop a Statewide Compreh. Outdoor Recreation Plan
  15. EO 93-101V, Designate Dir. Of Public Safety as Gov.’s Representative for Highway Safety & as Governor’s Delegate to Admin. HS Act
  16. EO 93-102V, Cont. Designation of Ohio Legal Righs Svcs as Protec. & Advocacy Agency for Persons with Devl. Disabilities
  17. EO 93-103V, Cont. Designation of Ohio Legal Rights Svcs. As Protec. & Advocacy Agency for Mentally Ill Indiv.
  18. EO 93-104V, Designate the Insurance Warden Officer of ODOI as a Criminal Justice Agency
  19. EO 93-105V, ODNR; ER Amend 1501:41-15-09
  20. EO 93-106V, HS; ER Adopt 5101:3-3-154
  21. EO 93-107V, HS; ER Adopt 5101:3-10-24
  22. EO 93-108V, Creation of Ohio State Post Secondary Review Entity
  23. EO 93-109V, Lott; ER Adopt 3770:1-1-100
  24. EO 93-110V, IC; ER Adopt 4121-3-15
  25. EO 93-111V, H; ER Amend 3701-23-07
  26. EO 93-112V, Rescind 5101:3-3-08
  27. EO 93-113V, HS; ER Adopt 5101:1-31-101
  28. EO 93-114V, ODNR; ER Adopt 1501:1-37
  29. EO 93-115V, HS; ER Amend 5101:3-2-0717
  30. EO 93-116V, HS; ER Rescind 5101:3-3-05
  31. EO 93-117V, Auth. DOH for Emerg. Med. Svcs for Children Prog.
  32. EO 93-118V, Auth. DOH for Primary Care Svcs – Resource Coord. & Development Prog.
  33. EO 93-119V, Auth. DOH for HIV Care Formula Grants Program
  34. EO 93-120V, Cont.Auth. of DYS for the Natl. School Lunch Prog.
  35. EO 93-121V, Auth. DOD for Home Investment in Affordable Housing
  36. EO 93-122V, Auth. DYS for the Subsidy Eval. Prog.
  37. EO 93-123V, Cont. Auth. Of DYS for Career Awareness Prog.
  38. EO 93-124V, Auth. DOT for Jt. Fed./St.-Motor Fuel Tax Compliance Prog.
  39. EO 93-125V, Auth. DOT for Intl. Fuel Tax Agreement Prog.
  40. EO 93-126V, Cont. Auth. Of DRC for Adult Basic Ed. Prog.
  41. EO 93-127V, Cont. Auth. Of DMH for Children w/ Handicaps in State Psychiatric Hospitals Prog.
  42. EO 93-128V, Cont. Auth. Of DOE for Supp. Ed. for Handicapped Children Prog.
  43. EO 93-129V, Cont. Auth. Of DOE for Natl. Diffusion Network Prog.
  44. EO 93-130V, Cont. Auth. Of DOE for Adult Ed. for the Homeless Prog.
  45. EO 93-131V, Cont. Auth. Of DOH for Sentinel Event Notification Systems for Occupational Risks/Field Test Prog.
  46. EO 93-132V, Cont. Auth. Of DOH for Sentinel Event Notification Systems for Occupations Risks/Exper. Skin Dis.
  47. EO 93-133V, Cont. Auth. For DYS for Title IV-E Foster Care Prog.
  48. EO 93-134V, Auth. DYS for Independent Living Prog.
  49. EO 93-135V, Cont. Auth. ODNR to Receive Moneys from National Forest Receipts Prog.
  50. EO 93-136V, Cont. Ath DRC for Correctional Pre-Release Training Prog.
  51. EO 93-137V, HS; ER Rescind Adopt & Amend Rules RE: HB’s 904, 152
  52. EO 93-138V, MRDD; ER Adopt 5123:2-1-07
  53. EO 93-139V, HS; ER Amend 5101:3-3-99
  54. EO 93-140V, Lott; ER Amend 3770:1-9-53
  55. EO 93-141V, Creation of the Ohio Independent Living Council