Series 9.7: Box# 116-456 – OHIO University Libraries

Box 116-456 – Executive Orders & Proclamations

1992 Executive Orders & Proclamations
  1. EO 92-295V, Contin. The Designation of the State Clearing House & Auth. Presidential EO 12372
  2. EO 92-296V, Contin. The Auth. Of Ohio Area Clearing Houses ofr the Intergovernmental Review Process
  3. EO 92-298V, Ed; 2nd Ed. & Transition Svc. For Youth w/ Disab. Prog.
  4. EO 92-299V, Vet Home; Construction of State Home Facilities Grant
  5. EO 92-300V, Vet Home; Con. Of State Home Facilities Program Grants
  6. EO 92-301V, MH; Job Training Partnership Act
  7. EO 92-302V, Aging; Senior Community Svc. Employment Prog.
  8. EO 92-303V, H; HIV Care Formula Grants Prog.
  9. EO 92-304V, Gov; Head Start Collaboration Prog.
  10. EO 92-305V, Y; Sexual Victimization Prog.
  11. EO 92-306V, MH; Family v. School Centered Case Mngmt. Prog.
  12. EO 92-307V, Mh; Library Services to Patients
  13. EO 92-308V, DOD; Weatherization Asst. for Low Income Persons
  14. EO 92-309V, Ed; Provide Driver Ed. Prog.
  15. EO 92-310V, ODNR; Geo. Survey – Research & Data Acquis. Prog.
  16. EO 92-311V, R&C; Provide a Strengthening Family Ties Prog.
  17. EO 92-312V, Dept. of Taxation ER
  18. EO 92-313V, HS: ER 5101:1-31-01
  19. EO 92-314V, HS ER
  20. EO 92-1V, Memo on Food Stamp Fraud / EO Architects & Engineers / EO Food Stamp Fraud Prog. Funding Human Svcs. / Export Promotion & Trade Council / Ohio Public Employee Safety & Health Prog. / Comm. On Educational Choice
1993 Executive Orders & Proclamations
  1. Proclamation/Disaster: Lucasville 4/14/93
  2. Proclamation Belmont County 6/30/93
  3. Proc. Flood Severe Storms: Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake Counties
  4. Proc. Lawrence County Fire
  5. EO 93-01V, Creation of a smoke-free environment
  6. EO 93-02V, Personnel Bd. Of Review
  7. EO 93-03V, ODNR; Emerg. Adoption 1501:13-04-02
  8. EO 93-04V, Lott; Adopt 3770:1-9-41
  9. EO 93-05V, Designate DOD as State Officer Responsible for Determining High Unemployment Areas
  10. EO 93-06V, Continue Authority for ODNR to Provide Study to Determine Coal in Ohio
  11. EO 93-07V, United Nations Compensation Comm.
  12. EO 93-08V, Exec. Hearing on Extradition
  13. EO 93-09V, BMV Pub. Safety; Emerg. Adopt 4501:1-10-1
  14. EO 93-10V, Creating Ohio Geographic Referenced Info Prog.
  15. EO 93-11V, HS; Emerg. Adopt 5101:3-3-263
  16. EO 93-13V, Adoption of 1301:11-1-03
  17. EO 93-14V, HS; Emerg. Adopt 5101:2-18-1
  18. EO 93-15V, Law Related Ed.
  19. EO 93-16V, FIT Prog.
  20. EO 93-17V, H; Promotion-Juvenile Offenders
  21. EO 93-18V, Substance Abuse Special Unit Prog.
  22. EO 93-19V, Mariel-Cubans Prog.
  23. EO 93-20V, Immunization Influenza Vaccination
  24. EO 93-21V, Cincinnati STD/AIDS Prevention, Training
  25. EO 93-22V, H; Prog. For Refugees
  26. EO 93-23V, Training-Juvenile Rehab Center
  27. EO 93-24V, National School Lunch Prog.
  28. EO 93-25V, Ag; Ocupational Nurses
  29. EO 93-26V, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance
  30. EO 93-27V, Diabetes Control/Surveillance
  31. EO 93-28V, Emerg. Immigrant Ed.
  32. EO 93-29V, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
  33. EO 93-30V, Ibid.
  34. EO 93-31V, Inspection of Migrant Labor Camps
  35. EO 93-32V, Byrd Honors Scholarships Prog.
  36. EO 93-33V, Be Pos-A-Tive Prog.
  37. EO 93-34V, HEAP Outreach Prog.
  38. EO 93-35V, March 1993 Winter Storm
  39. EO 93-36V, Lott; Adopt 3770:1-7-20
  40. EO 93-37V, HS: ER 5101:3-59-01
  41. EO 93-38V, HS; ER 5101:3-3-40
  42. EO 93-39V, Executive Agency Lobbyist
  43. EO 93-40V, Rescission of Obsolete Policies, Bds. & Comm.
  44. EO 93-41V, DOH; ER 3701-43-23 Medically Handicapped Kids