Series 9.7: Box# 116-455 – OHIO University Libraries

Box #116-455 – Executive Orders & Proclamations (1992 Continued)

1992 Executive Orders & Proclamations
  1. EO 92-211V, Ag; Bungee Jumping
  2. EO 92-212V, Ohio Family & Children First Cabinet Council
  3. EO 92-213V, HS; ER 3-11-021
  4. EO 92-214V, HS; ER 5101:2-16-511 Child Care Funding
  5. EO 92-215V, Hurricane Andrew Aid/ Waiver of Fees for Truckers
  6. EO 92-216V, Lott: Opportunity Knocks & Holiday Surprise
  7. EO 92-217V, State & Community Eldercare Coalition Proj. Care
  8. EO 92-218V, HS; Reimbursement for AZT
  9. EO 92-219V, MH; Post Child & Adol. Svc. System Prog.
  10. EO 92-220V, Positive Emotional Capacity Enhancement Training Prog.
  11. EO 92-221V, Ag; Inspection of Food Establishments
  12. EO 92-222V, MRDD; Basic Ed. for Adults w/ Disabilities
  13. EO 92-223V, H; Childhood Immunization Grants Prog.
  14. EO 92-224V, Comm. Minority Health; Reduce Violence in African-American Communities
  15. EO 92-225V, Adj; Operation & Maint. Air Natl. Guard Facility
  16. EO 92-226V, Adj; Operation & Maint. Army Natl. Guard Facil.
  17. EO 92-227V, MH; Enhancing Ohio MH System Prog.
  18. EO 92-228V, MH; Enhancing Ohio MH System Prog.
  19. EO 92-229V, MH; Data Collection Reporting System Prog.
  20. EO 92-230V, Adj; Community Assistance Prog.
  21. EO 92-231V, Hist. Soc; State Historic Preservation Prog.
  22. EO 92-232V, Ed; Secondary Ed. & Transitional Svc. For Youth with Disabilities Prog.
  23. EO 92-233V, ODNR; Flood Hazard Mgnmt. Prog.
  24. EO 92-234V, PUCO; Provide Regional Biomass Prog.
  25. EO 92-235V, HS; Dependent Care Prog.
  26. EO 92-236V, R&C; Tx. Continuity Pilot Project Prg.
  27. EO 92-237V, EPA/PCB Compliance Inspections Prog.
  28. EO 92-238V, PUCO/National Energy Info Center Prog.
  29. EO 92-239V, R&C/RCPP Research Project Prog.
  30. EO 92-240V, H; Sexually Transmitted Disease Control Prog.
  31. EO 92-241V, Ohio Comm. Minority Health/ SE Asian Regional Community Health Prog.
  32. EO 92-242V, MH; Fed Block Grant for Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  33. EO 92-243V, H; Family Planning Services Prog.
  34. EO 92-244V, Adj; Public & Indiv. Disab. Asst. Program
  35. EO 92-245V, MH; Early Ed. for Kids w/ Disab. Prog.
  36. EO 92-246V, H; Adolescent Survey of Preventative/ Primary Health Care Needs
  37. EO 92-247V, HS; ER 5101:3-2-21 Cycle Bills
  38. EO 92-248V, HS; Assessments for Medicaid Certified Beds
  39. EO 92-249V, Com; Fire Marshall/Underground Storage Tank Regulations
  40. EO 92-250V, DOD/OHFA ER 175-7-02 Down-payment Assistance Prog. Changes
  41. EO 92-251V, Ohio Developmental Dis. Planning Council
  42. EO 92-252V, H; Coal Miners Respiratory Impairment Treatment Clinics
  43. EO 92-253V, Adj; Maint & Svcs. To Emerg. Operating Centers
  44. EO 92-254V, MRDD; Early Ed. for Kids w/ Disab. Prog.
  45. EO 92-255V, HS; Child Abuse Challenge Grants Prog.
  46. EO 92-256V, Ed; Provide Ed. for Homeless Children Prog.
  47. EO 92-257V, h; AIDS Surveillance Prog.
  48. EO 92-258V, HS; Cet. Of Child Dev. Assoc. Scholarship Prog.
  49. EO 92-259V, HS; Formula Grant for Children’s Justice Act
  50. EO 92-260V, HS; Basic Child Abuse & Neglect Prog. Part II
  51. EO 92-261V, R&C; Apprec. Coord. Prog.
  52. EO 92-262V, MRDD; County Board Consortium Training Prog.
  53. EO 92-263V, MRDD; Behavior Mngmt & Language Training
  54. EO 92-264V, Ag; Medicated Feed Inspection Prog.
  55. EO 92-265V, Y; Educational Svcs to Neglected 7 Delinquent Children
  56. EO 92-266V, HS; Basic Child Abuse & Neglect Prog. Part II
  57. EO 92-267V, HS; Child Abuse Challenge Grants Prog.
  58. EO 92-268V, H; Ohio Data Based Cancer Intervention Prog.
  59. EO 92-269V, R&C; Adult Basic Ed. Staff Development
  60. EO 92-270V, Ed; Coord. Tech Data Collection & Eval.
  61. EO 92-271V, DOD; Child Care Grant & Loan Prog.
  62. EO 92-272V, ODNR; Distrib. Fed. Flood Lands Recepts
  63. EO 92-273V, Civil Rights; Fair Housing Assistance Prog.
  64. EO 92-274V, Civil Rights; Invest. Charges from EEO Comm.
  65. EO 92-275V, MH; Adult Ed. to Patients in Montgomery County
  66. EO 92-276V, Ed; Title VII Short Term Training Prog.
  67. EO 92-277V, MH; Ed. for Handicapped Kids in St. Schools Prog.
  68. EO 92-278V, Y; Provide Basic Ed. Improvement for Incarc. Youth
  69. EO 92-279V, H; Early Intervention Svcs. Prog. for Infants & Toddlers
  70. EO 92-280V, Y; Gender Specific Early Intervention Prog.
  71. EO 92-281V, Y; Gender Spec. Early Intervention Sexual Victimization Prog.
  72. EO 92-282V, HS; Facilitation of Community Based Service Integration Plan
  73. EO 92-283V, R&C; Prison Boot Camp Planning Manual
  74. EO 92-284V, DOD; Coord. Of Literacy Programs in Appalachia
  75. EO 92-285V, Ed; Ed. Assistance for Veterans Prog.
  76. EO 92-286V, BWC; Buy Out of BWC
  77. EO 92-287V, Non Discrimination of Vietnam Era & Desert Shield/Storm & Disabled Vets
  78. EO 92-288V, Creation of Adoption Comm.
  79. EO 92-289V, Speech Language Pathology Bd. Per SB 179, 119th
  80. EO 92-290V, HS; Outpatient Surgical Proced.
  81. EO 92-291V, HS; Appeal of Post Payment Utilization Review (Medicaid)
  82. EO 92-292V, Ag; Pine Shoot Beetle Quarantine
  83. EO 92-293V, H; Public Health Council
  84. EO 92-294V, DOD; State’s Volume Cap Bond Prog.