Series 9.7: Box# 116-454 – OHIO University Libraries

Box #116-454 – Executive Orders & Proclamations (1992 Continued)

1992 Executive Orders & Proclamations
  1. EO 92-105V, MRDD; ER 5101:3-37-07
  2. EO 92-106V, ODOT as Lead Agency for Uniform Act
  3. EO 92-107V, Y; Ch. 1 Prog. For Neglected & Delinquent Kids
  4. EO 92-108V, Ed; Eisenhower Math & Sci. Ed. Prog.
  5. EO 92-109V, Ed; Nutrition Ed. & Training Prog.
  6. EO 92-110V, Y; Career Awareness Prog.
  7. EO 92-111V, Com; Community Vol. Fire Prevention Prog.
  8. EO 92-112V Aging: HEAP Outreach Proj.
  9. EO 92-113V, HS; State Legalization Impact Asst. Grants Prog.
  10. EO 92-114V, Ed; State Prog. Improvement Grants Prog.
  11. EO 92-115V, Y; Substance Abuse Specific Units Prog.
  12. EO 92-116V, Ed; Capital Expenses Prog.
  13. EO 92-117V, Ed; Adult Ed. for the Homeless Prog.
  14. EO 92-118V, Y; Vocational Needs of Incar. Students Prog.
  15. EO 92-119V, IR; Provide Inspections of Migrant Labor Camps
  16. EO 92-120V, Legal Rights; Americans with Disabilities Act
  17. EO 92-121V, R&C; Receive Special Ed. Svcs. Reimbursement
  18. EO 92-122V, MRDD; ER 5123:2-15-01
  19. EO 92-123V, Lottery; ER 3770:1-9-22
  20. EO 92-124V, ODNR; ER 15-1-3-01
  21. EO 92-125V, Dev; ER 122:6-1-01
  22. EO 92-126V, Food Stamp Prog. Funding
  23. EO 92-127V, housing Finance Agency ER 175-7-01
  24. EO 92-128V, Internal Accounting & Admin. Controls
  25. EO 92-129V, Lott; ER 3770:1-9-24
  26. EO 92-130V, Lott: ER 3770:1-9-23
  27. EO 92-131V, H; Childhood Lead Poisoning Prog.
  28. EO 92-132V, R&C; Split Sentencing on Elec. Mon.
  29. EO 92-133V, R&C; Treatment Continuity Prog.
  30. EO 92-134V, PA; Toxic Release Inventory Data Capab.
  31. EO 92-135V, EPA; Haz. Waste Mngmt. State Support
  32. EO 92-136V, DOD; Consolidated Tech. Asst. Grant
  33. EO 92-137V, Aging; Services to Elderly in Fed. Housing
  34. EO 92-138V, R&C; Partnerships for Ed. Improvement
  35. EO 92-139V, Ed; Drug Free Schools & Communities
  36. EO 92-140V, Adj; Emerg. Mngmt Inst. Field Training
  37. EO 92-141V, MH; Ed. of Hospitalized Forensic
  38. EO 92-142V, EPA; Toxic Release Inventory Enf. Enhanc.
  39. EO 92-143V, R&C; Treatment Continuity Prog.
  40. EO 92-144V, R&C; Study Structured Programming
  41. EO 92-145V, R&C; Treatment Continuity Prog.
  42. EO 92-146V, HS; ER 5101:1-47-67
  43. EO 92-147V, HS; ER 5101:3-15-01, Transportation for Patients on Dialysis Radiation Therapy & Chemo.
  44. EO 92-148V, MRDD; Ohio Client Asst. Prog.
  45. EO 92-149V, BR; HS Staff Training Prog.
  46. EO 92-150V, Adj; Weather Forecasts & Warnings Prog.
  47. EO 92-151V, Adj; Provide Disaster Preparedness Improvements
  48. EO 92-152V, Adj; Emerg. Warning & Comm. Asst.
  49. EO 92-153V, Adj; Emerg. Operations Centers Plan
  50. EO 92-154V, Adj; Radiological Protection Dev. & Planning Prog.
  51. EO 92-155V, Adj; Population Protection Prog.
  52. EO 92-156V, Adj; Provide for Disaster Facil. Survey
  53. EO 92-157V, DOD; Leveraging Special Project in Weather Asst.
  54. EO 92-158V, R&C; Mothers on Missions Prog.
  55. EO 92-159V, BR; Coord. & Admin. Of College Affiliate Job Training
  56. EO 92-160V, Y; Title IV-E Foster Care Prog.
  57. EO 92-161V, Y; Psych-Ed Assessment of Incarcerated Youth
  58. EO 92-162V, ODNR; Receive Moneys From Natl. Forest Receipts Prog.
  59. EO 92-163V, BR; HS Staff Training Prog.
  60. EO 92-164V, IR; Mine Safety & Health Prog.
  61. EO 92-165V, BR; JOBS Student Retention Prog.
  62. EO 92-166V, MH; Planning & Demo. Projects Prog.
  63. EO 92-167V, Adj; Public & Indiv. Disaster Asst. Prog.
  64. EO 92-168V, Aging; Home Setting Health Care
  65. EO 92-169V, Ed; Latchkey School Age Child Care Svcs Prog.
  66. EO 92-170V, BR; HS Staff Training Prog.
  67. EO 92-171V, Creation of Office of Advocacy for People w/ Disab.
  68. EO 92-172V, HS; ER 5101:1-30-405
  69. EO 92-173V, HS; ER 5101:3-2-0716
  70. EO 92-174V, Great Lakes Recycle Agreement
  71. EO 92-175V, HS; ER 5101: 1-47-20
  72. EO 92-176V, Lott; ER 3770:1-9-28
  73. EO 92-177V, Facilitating the Provision of Needed Med. & Equip.
  74. EO 92-178V, Adj; Field Training Prog. Emerg. Mngmt. Instit.
  75. EO 92-179V, Adj; Radiological Defense Prog.
  76. EO 92-180V, DOD; Community Housing Demo. Grants
  77. EO 92-181V, DOD; Appalachian State Research, Tech. Asst.
  78. EO 92-182V, R&C; Ohio Adult Penal Sys. Unit Vocational Fund Prog.
  79. EO 92-183V, H; HIV AID Surveillance Prog.
  80. EO 92-184V, HS; Child Abuse & Neglect State Grants Prog.
  81. EO 92-185V, HS; Temp. Emerg. Food Asst./Admin. Cost Prog.
  82. EO 92-186V, Adj; Training for Ohio Air National Guard
  83. EO 92-187V, Adj; Provide Security for Statewide ANS Facilities
  84. EO 92-188V, MRDD; Job Training Partnership Act
  85. EO 92-189V, De; Desegregation of Public Ed. Prog.
  86. EO 92-190V, DOD; Demo. Employment Opp. Prog.
  87. EO 92-191V, Ibid.
  88. EO 92-192V, HS; Family Day Care Home Health 7 Safety Prog.
  89. EO 92-193V, HS; State Legalization Impact Asst. Grants Prog.
  90. EO 92-194V, HS; Refugees Resettlement Maint. & med. Asst. Prog.
  91. EO 92-195V, HS; ER 5101:3-3-13
  92. EO 92-196V, Creating the Comm. On Educational Choice
  93. EO 92-197V, HS; ER 5101:1-31-01
  94. EO 92-198V, HS;ER 5101:3-3-17
  95. EO 92-199V, HS: ER 5101:2-16-30
  96. EO 92-200V, General Revenue 7 Fund. Spending Reduction
  97. EO 92-201V, HS; ER 5101:2-16-51
  98. EO 92-202V, Ohio Export & Trade Council
  99. EO 92-203V, HS; ER 5101:2-16-51
  100. EO 92-204V, OBM: ER 126-1-02
  101. EO 92-205V, Labor Market Info. System: Ohio Occupational Information Coordination Committee
  102. EO 92-206V, HS; ER 5101:3-1-06
  103. EO 92-207V, HS; ER 5101:3-18-13
  104. EO 92-208V, HS; ER 5101:3-26-01
  105. EO 92-209V, Voter Registration
  106. EO 92-210V, Designation of Dir. Of EPA as OPA Trustee