Series 9.7: Box# 116-451 – OHIO University Libraries

Box #116-451 – Executive Orders & Proclamations (1991 Continued)

1991 Executive Orders
  1. EO 91-86V, Adj; Emerg. Warning & Communications Assistance
  2. EO 91-87V, Adj; Population Protection Program
  3. EO 91-88V, Adj; Community Assistance Program
  4. EO 91-89V, MRDD; Train Person with Disabilities
  5. EO 91-90V, Health; Eliminate Vaccine – Preventable Diseases
  6. EO 91-91V, Gov; Apply for Head Start Collaboration
  7. EO 91-92V, HS; Apply for Dependent Care Program
  8. EO 91-93V, Health; Provide Assistance for Sexually Transmitted Disease Control
  9. EO 91-94V, Dev.; Provide Assistance for Community Housing Demonstration Grants
  10. EO 91-95V, Dev; Provide Technical Assistance, Research & Demonstration Projects
  11. EO 91-96V, ODNR; Forestry Assistance
  12. EO 91-97V, Health; Conduct Risk of AIDS Exposure for Emergency Medical Services Personnel
  13. EO 91-98V, Edu; Adult Basic Education Program
  14. EO 91-99V, Health; Medicare Flu Vaccine Demo.
  15. EO 91-100V, Adj; Provide Accredited Courses in Emerg. Management
  16. EO 91-101V, Adj; Provide Disaster Facility Survey
  17. EO 91-102V, Adj; Radiological Protection Development & Planning Programming
  18. EO 91-103V, Adj; Radiological Instrumentation, Maintenance & Calibration Program
  19. EO 91-104V, HS; Admin. Cost for Food Assistance Program
  20. EO 91-105V, HS; Family Violence Prevention & Services Grant Program
  21. EO 91-106V, Ohio Adoption Task Force
  22. EO 91-107V, Lottery; ER 3770:1-9-02 Travel Ohio
  23. EO 91-108V, Commerce: ER 1301:7-9-05 Underground Storage Tanks
  24. EO 91-109V, IR; Inspections of Migrant Labor Camps
  25. EO 91-110V, HS; Job Links Prog. Administer Refugee & Entrant Assistance
  26. EO 91-111V, Child Care Development by use of Federal Block Grant
  27. EO 91-112V, EPA; Maintain Statewide Water Quality Management Prog.
  28. EO 91-113V, HS; Administer Child Abuse Challenge Grants Prog.
  29. EO 91-114V, DAS; Rules 123:1-24-06
  30. EO 91-115V, HS; Rules 5101:3-30-01
  31. EO 91-116V, MRDD; ER 5123:1-9-06 Rescission & Adopt
  32. EO 91-117V, HS; ER 5101:3-1-31 Rescind & Adopt
  33. EO 91-118V, MRDD; ER 5123:2-1-14 Adopt
  34. EO 91-119V, Youth; Psycho-Educational Assessment of Youth
  35. EO 91-120V, Rehab; Vocational Career Guidance
  36. EO 91-121V, Rehab; Provide GED Test
  37. EO 91-122V, ODNR; Modernization of Ohio’s Coal Reserves
  38. EO 91-123V, R&C; High School Education for Inmates
  39. EO 91-124V, ODNR; National Forest Receipts Program
  40. EO 91-125V, Ag; Inspection of Food Establishments
  41. EO 91-126V, HS; Refugees Resettlement Maintenance
  42. EO 91-127V, Adj; Public Disaster Assistance Program
  43. EO 91-128V, MH; Data Collection Reporting System
  44. EO 91-129V, MH; Develop Leadership in MH Admin.
  45. EO 91-130V, EPA; State Nonsource Point Assessment I
  46. EO 91-131V, EPA; State Nonsources Point Assessment II
  47. EO 91-132V, MH
  48. EO 91-133V, Edu; Supp. Education for Handicapped Kids
  49. EO 91-134V, Edu; Math & Sci. Instruction for Teachers
  50. EO 91-135V, HS; Child Develop Assoc. Scholar Program
  51. EO 91-136V, MH; Develop Leadership in MH Admin.
  52. EO 91-137V, HS; Prevent & Treat Child Abuse
  53. EO 91-138V, R&C; ER 5120-11-01
  54. EO 91-139V, Lottery; ER 3770:1-9-10 17th Anniversary Game
  55. EO 91-140V, Health; ER 3701-49-11
  56. EO 91-141V, Regents; Plan Ohio Math & Sci. Discovery
  57. EO 91-142V, MH; Conduct Project Employment
  58. EO 91-143V, MRDD; Basic Ed. for Disabled Adults
  59. EO 91-144V, EPA; Conduct PCB Compliance Inspections
  60. EO 91-145V, Adj; Air National Guard Facilities
  61. EO 91-146V, Adj; Army National Guard Facilities
  62. EO 91-147V, Edu; Feasibility Study for Effective Edu.
  63. EO 91-148V, IR; Mine Safety & Health Program
  64. EO 91-149V, Aging; Long Term Care for Old Ohioans
  65. EO 91-150V, ODNR; Flood Hazard Management Prog.
  66. EO 91-151V, Hist. Soc; State Historic Preservation Prog.
  67. EO 91-152V, Dev; Supp. Funding for Distressed Areas
  68. EO 91-153V, Aging; Home Setting Health Care
  69. EO 91-154V, Health; Family Planning Services
  70. EO 91-155V, Burning Ban for North Ohio Counties
  71. EO 91-156V, DAS; Rules 153-1-01 through 07 and ODOT; Rules 153-2-01 through 07
  72. EO 91-157V, Highway Safety; ER 4501-7-02
  73. EO 91-158V, EEO; Non Discrimination
  74. EO 91-159V, HS; ER 5101:3-2-01
  75. EO 91-160V, Lottery; ER First & Ten Cash Harvest
  76. EO 91-161V, Health; Sentinel Event Notification System for Occupational Risks
  77. EO 91-162V, Health; American Stop Smoking Intervention
  78. EO 91-163V, Edu; Bilingual Education
  79. EO 91-164V, MRDD; Adult Basic Education
  80. EO 91-165V, Regents; JTPA Coordination