Series 9.10: Box# 4750 (1996 – 1997) – OHIO University Libraries

Box# 4750 – 1996-1997

Robson, Jason G. – to North Carolina
Rody, Raymond R. – to Florida
Rody, Rhonda M. – to Florida
Rohr, Richard L., Jr. – to Colorado
Rose, Kevin A. – to Kentucky

Schmidt, Gary R. – to Texas
Seif, Sherry L. – to Hawaii
Sell, Gregory J., Jr. – to Colorado
Sharp, John P. – to Indiana
Shchirskiy, Sergey – to California
Shrewsbury, David W. – to West Virginia
Simmons, Brent K. – to Virginia
Sites, Gary R. – to Texas
Slaughter, Harry J. – to Arizona
Smith, Dwane T. – to West Virginia
Smith, James W., Jr. – to Missouri
Smith, Jean-Claude – to Louisiana
Smith, Joseph K. – to Florida
Smith, Martin E. – to Florida
Smith, Michael L. – to Michigan
Smoot, Anthony R. – to Maryland
Stanley, Gary E. – to Georgia
Stanley, Michael J. – to Delaware
Stapleton, Paul – to Kentucky
Starkey, Robert E. – to New York
Stokes, Eric – to Kentucky
Summerhill, Dwayne L. – to Texas
Sutterfield, Glea D. – to Virginia
Swearigen, Gary – to Florida

Taft, James A. – to New York
Talley, Karen A. – to Texas
Tate, Douglas K. – to Florida
Tate, Larry L. – to Nevada
Taylor, Boyd M. – to Arizona
Taylor, Charles – to Tennessee
Taylor, Mark – to Missouri
Thompson, Maria – to Florida
Thornsberry, Mary M. – to Virginia
Thornton, Maria – to Florida
Tucker, Steven – to Texas

Voll, Eric – to Florida

Wagner, Michael D. – to Nevada
Washburn, Shawn A. – to Indiana
Watts, Michael – to West Virginia
Wernham, Daniel J. – to Kentucky
Whatley, Diallo S. – to South Carolina
Whited, Larry A. – to Pennsylvania
Williams, Lorenzo – to Indiana
Williams, Rachelle L. – to Michigan
Winters, Homer – to Kentucky
Wood, Sandra S. – to Indiana
Woodhull, Lawrence – to Florida
Wyand, Philip – to Pennsylvania
Wylie, Deborah – to Louisiana

Zayas, Jamie – to New Jersey