Series 9.10: Box# 4748 (1996 – 1997) – OHIO University Libraries

Box# 4748 – 1996-1997

Aker, David A. – to Indiana
Alexander, William O. – too Kentucky
Alley, Matt – to Louisiana
Anderson, James – to Colorado
Andrews, Dwayne – to Pennsylvania

Baker, Kenneth A. – to Missouri
Barcomb, Kevin – to Florida
Barcus, Billy J. – to West Virginia
Barten, Rory E. – to Colorado
Beall, Paul W. – to North Carolina
Blackford, Shannon L. – to Kentucky
Blake, Charles – to Michigan
Bowers, William C. – to Florida
Brewer, David A. – to Alabama
Brown, Kevin D. – to Indiana
Brown, Michael D. – to Wisconsin
Bryant, Robert A. – to Florida
Bryant, Stephon, to South Dakota
Burroughs, James E. – to Michigan
Buschong, Benjamin C. – to Indiana
Bussell, James W. – to North Carolina

Calfee, Melvin – to Florida
Caskey, Shelea K. – to Texas
Cassidy, Bryan P. – to Missouri
Cauchon, Mark – to Florida
Chestnut, Kenneth R., Jr. – to Texas
Colina, John M. – to Pennsylvania
Cook, John W. – to Wisconsin
Cory, Tasha M. – to Texas
Craigo, Madeline – to Texas
Crossley, John – to Kentucky
Cuen, Jesus R., Jr. – to California

David, Patrick O. – to Alabama
Davis, Antijuan D. – to Virginia
Direnzo, Steven J. – to Pennsylvania
Duncan, Robert S. – to Florida
Dworniczak, Gregory – to Florida

Edwards, Aaror – to Kentucky
Eliseuson, Arthur L. – to Washington
Emerson, Willard C. – to Arizona

Fetty, Brian Robert – to North Carolina
Field, David – to Indiana
Finger, Ronald L., Jr. – to Tennessee
Foley, Michael W. – to Virginia
Foster, Larry O. – to Pennsylvania
Freytag, Curtis – to Tennessee
Fulton, Larry G. – to Wisconsin

Garcia, Antonio B. – to California
Gibbs, William E. – to Indiana
Gibson, Franklin H. – to Pennsylvania
Glover, Richard E. – to Alabama
Goretzki, Jameyn – to Kentucky
Grapes, Johnson W. – to Missouri
Grayer, David A. – to Mississippi
Green, John C. – to Michigan
Griffin, Antwon L. – to Texas

Hall, John K. – to Florida
Harrall, Kia L. – to Florida
Harris, Nettie – to New York
Harris, Willie C., Jr. – to Florida
Hayden, Aileen L. – to Florida
Higdon, Barton – to Missouri
Hill, Kenneth R. – to South Carolina
Hines, Michael G. – to Pennsylvania
Hobbs, Floyd – to New Mexico
Hoel, Chandra S. – to Michigan
Horner, John R. – to Virginia
Howard, Marilyn – to Tennessee
Howard, William D. – to Virginia
Hyatt, John R. – to Pennsylvania

Jackson, Davie L. – to Wisconsin
Jameson, Lyle P. – to Wisconsin
Jemison, Arthur V. – to Alabama
Jett, Robert K. – to Michigan
Johnson, Byron – to Illinois
Johnson, Clyde B. – to Florida
Johnson, Kenneth – to Indiana
Johnson, Michael T. – to Texas
Johnson, Samuel – to New York