Series 9.10: Box# 4745 (1995 – 1996) – OHIO University Libraries

Box# 4745 – 1995-1996

Acles, Dennis G. – to North Carolina
Adams, Charles E. – to California
Addie, Randle – to Louisiana
Allen, Hasty M. – to Alabama
Allen, Kenneth G. – to California
Allen, William R. – to Arizona
Ally, James, Jr. – to Kentucky
Archer, Ed G. – to Georgia
Armstead, Dujuan – to Arizona
Armstrong, Jason – to South Carolina

Baker, Gregory – to Florida
Beasley, Randy S. – to Florida
Bell, Terry W. – to Wisconsin
Benfield, Ricky D. – to Texas
Blackwell, Demond – to Kentucky
Brandy, Hisaye M. – to Wisconsin
Brown, George V. – to Pennsylvania
Brown, Troy S. – to Texas
Brownlow, Ashley – to Indiana
Buffin, Michelle P. – to Texas
Burnham, Donald H. – to Florida
Burridge, John T. – to California
Byers, Kenneth R. – to Georgia

Cade, Jon E. – to Kentucky
Caldwell, Steven – to Florida
Carlisle, Donna M. – to Florida
Carnessali, Louis A. – to Pennsylvania
Carwell, Franklin – to Alabama
Carrion, Larry J. – to Alabama
Carver, Charlie F. – to Tennessee
Chafos, Gregory – to New Jersey
Chambers, Thomas, Jr. – to West Virginia
Childs, Kim L. – Wisconsin
Colon, Jesus aka Colon, Louis – to New York
Cooper, Jason E. – to Missouri
Cope, George W. – to Florida
Corona, Carlos – to Indiana
Cornwall, Steven E. – to Florida
Cotter, Paul B. – to Indiana
Cottrell, Catherine J. – to New York
Cousino, Wayne G. – to Texas
Cross, Mirriel R., Jr. – to Pennsylvania
Crozier, Ernest L., Sr. – to California
Current, Stanley M., Jr. – to Kansas
Dawson, Matthew R. – to Texas
Dean, James H. – to Pennsylvania
Dean, Kevin R. – to Kansas
Deceuster, Timothy – to South Carolina
Delvalle, Reinaldo – to New Jersey
Dillion, Dean – to New Jersey
Doss, Richard L. – to Missouri
Downs, Monica A. – to Texas
Drafton, Ronald L. – to Texas
Dunfee, Keith – to Georgia

Echevarria, Christian O. – to New Jersey
Elrod, Danny – to Arkansas
Evans, Jeffrey M. – to Texas

Fagin, Larry – to Indiana
Farley, Gary L. – to West Virginia
Ford, Carl D. – to Michigan
Farnham, Craig – to Indiana
Frank, Francis P. – to Arizona
Frazier, Mansfield S. – to New Jersey
Fraley, Gary E. – to Georgia
Fuqua, Francis L. – to Illinois
Furchko, David R. – to Arizona

Gamble, Reginald – to Alabama
Garrison, Charles E. – to California
Garrison, Judith – to Pennsylvania
Geiger, Timothy P. – to Oklahoma
Gilly, Michael P. – to New York
Gitzinger, Craig M. – to Texas
Golden, Dallas – to Florida
Gonzales, Adolfo – to Michigan