Series 9.10: Box# 4742 (1993 – 1994) – OHIO University Libraries

Box# 4742 – 1993-1994

Abner, Billie L. – to Utah
Adkins, Randall L. – to Florida
Amos, James E. – to Oregon
Anderson, David – to Illinois
Anderson, David – to Illinois
Archer, Ed G. – to Georgia
Arewa, Ojo – to Georgia
Arnold, Odell – to Indiana
Ashworth, George P. – to West Virginia

Barber, Elmer J. – to Nevada
Barnes, Thomas A. – to Florida
Bennett, Frederick A. – to West Virginia
Barnett, James V. – to California
Black, Richard M. – to Florida
Blevins, Mark J. – to Minnesota
Board, Randall S. – to Florida
Boyce, Dontel M. – to West Virginia
Bradbury, Kenneth – to Pennsylvania
Brigham, Gerald L. – to Alabama
Browning, Cindy E. – to Virginia
Broyles, Leon L. – to Texas
Bryant, Danny W. – to Michigan

Canaday, John L. – to Colorado
Cantrell, Stephen L. – to Indiana
Carey, Michael W. – to Missouri
Carrara, Kevin – to Pennsylvania
Carter, James N., III – to West Virginia
Caskey, Jason R. – to Pennsylvania
Casteel, Charles N. – to Texas
Cimorelli, Thomas R. – to Pennsylvania
Conger, William H. – to Florida
Cornell, Brent M. – to Arizona
Craig, Thomas – to West Virginia
Cramer, Robert – to Michigan
Cunningham, James – to Kentucky

Daguanno, Charles M. – to Texas
Davis, Thomas E. – to New York
Deakin, James H. – to Florida
Deming, Robert D. – to Florida
Dennis, Barbara L. – to Florida
Dillon, Peter – to Massachusetts
DiPolito, Dan – to Maryland
Dougan, Tabetha – to Pennsylvania
Drew, Ronald L. – to Wisconsin
Drummond, Latictia – to Virginia
Duran, Jorge A. – to Colorado

Edmonds, Damien – to Indiana
Evans, Sandy A. – to Texas
Everett, Garry L. – to West Virginia

Fisher, Paul T. – to Michigan
Flaitz, Irvin F. – to Missouri
Fletcher, Willie B. – to Alabama
Flores, Trinidad M. – to Texas
Foster, Oscar L. – to Pennsylvania
Fradera, Hector T. – to Puerto Rico
Francis, Harold M. – to Kentucky
Frank, Floyd – to New Jersey
Franklin, Johnny J. – to West Virginia
Freeland, Raymond E. – to Wisconsin
Fritz, Deborah R. – to Kentucky
Fry, Latonia M. – to Oklahoma

Gaskins, Michael L. – to New Jersey
Guess, Jesse C. – to Michigan

Haley, Ronald L. – to Kentucky
Hall, Cedric L. – to Kentucky