Series 9.1: Chief Counsel Meeting and Miscellaneous Files – OHIO University Libraries

Chief Counsel Meetings and Miscellaneous Files

There records were kept in the Chief Counsel’s office.

The records are arranged in the order in which they were received. The records are arranged by subject in no particular order. They contain materials relating to administration, objectives, recognitions, resignations, and meeting minutes.

1 cu.ft. The records are in no particular order.

Box #116-2048

  1. Administration
  2. OCLRE 1995
  3. “Good Guy File”
  4. Mission Statement
  5. Goals & Objectives 1991, 1992
CLC Recognition Letters
  1. Lisa L. Sadler
  2. Julia L. McNeil
  3. Maria J. Armstrong
  4. Kurtis A. Tunnell
  5. Mary Beth Macholz
  6. Resignations
  7. SPBR Responses
  8. Ohio Legal Directory Invoices
  9. Supplies
  10. Chief Legal Counsel Meetings, 1995
  11. Ibid., 1996