Series 6: Legislative Affairs – OHIO University Libraries
Files of Tim Cosgrove, Dan Jones, Jacqui Romer-Sensky, Rocky Black, and Christopher Guilford 

Tim Cosgrove (1991-1994), Dan Jones, Jacqui Romer-Sensky (1991-1994), Rocky Black (1993-1998), and Christopher Guilford (1993-1998) served as assistants concerned with legislative affairs relating to the governor’s office.

The records are arranged in the order in which they were received. The records are in four groups: general files; House bills; Senate bills; and, legislator folders. The general files are in rough alphabetic order by subject. The bills files are in numeric order by legislative session. The files contain correspondence, reports, memos, printed materials, budget information, reports, projects and programs, legislative bills, and legislative abstracts.

105 cu.ft. The records are in various orders.