Series 10: Washington D.C. Office (Ted Hollingsworth) – OHIO University Libraries

Files of Ted Hollingsworth

The records are arranged in the order in which they were received. The records contain materials relating to the State of Ohio liaison office used to provide communication between the State and the federal government from 1991 through 1998. The files contain correspondence, reports, printed materials, testimony before committees, federal budget information, policy statements, briefing books, grant information, legislation, investigations, memos, clippings, notices, expenses, administrative records, programs, litigation, association materials, annual reports, announcements, personnel files, studies, appropriations, projects, and meeting minutes.

63 cu. ft. The records are in no particular order.

Location: Library Annex, Area D, 4R7/1

NOTE: These records arrived in consecutively numbered boxes but without an accompanying inventory. A folder-level inventory strictly following the order of the boxes was completed in December 1999. This inventory reproduces the file folder titles, wherever possible spelling out acronyms and abbreviations within brackets (“[ ]”). Brackets are also used for processor notes such as “no label” or “2 folders” or “Duo-Tang binder.” When records were housed in three-ring binders, the binders were removed and the material was placed in one or more acid-free folders, and such action was noted on the folder and in the inventory. The abbreviation “GVV” stands for George V. Voinovich, “FY” stands for Fiscal Year and these have not been spelled out.