Series 1.53: Quality Services through Partnership (QStP) – OHIO University Libraries

The governor’s Quality Services through Partnership program followed OIT and used some of the recommendations of the latter program to explore and institute a quality implementation plan throughout the executive branch. With help from the private sector, the object was to create quality improvement teams and coordinators and, through them, spread the effort to all management and union employees.

From the 1991 recommendations the first two steps were to include in the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association’s bargaining agreement a resolution for joint actions to improve quality. The second step was to bring in an executive from Xerox Corporation to guide the quality improvement effort. From these steps a session was held at a cabinet retreat in January 1992 to explain the mechanics of the program and from there seven agencies (Adjutant General, Administrative Services, Development, Education, Mental Health, Transportation, and Youth Services) agreed to experiment with the process. With these seven agency directors were added the executive director and presidents of five unions, the director of quality, and the director of cabinet affairs to form a Quality Steering Committee.

In April of 1992 the Steering Committee entered three days of training and the creation of a vision statement and an implementation plan. By January 1993 quality coordinators and union liaisons were designated at the agencies and fine-tuning of management/union relations was hammered out. At the same time the Legislature funded the creation of a Quality Office.

From these moves QStP began to spread out in 1994 with the creation of a series of three-day training sessions for all state employees and the formation of teams. Advanced courses were added in 1996. Thus by that year all executive agencies had a quality improvement team in place.

The files are in the following series: correspondence; subjects; and, miscellaneous. The miscellaneous files contain notebooks, reports, folders, and manuals.

5 cu. ft. The correspondence files are arranged alphabetically by agency. The subject files are arranged alphabetically. The miscellaneous files are in no particular order.

Box #1

  1. Adjutant General
  2. Administrative Services
  3. Aging
  4. Agriculture
  5. Alcohol & Drug Addiction (ODADS)
  6. Budget & Management
  7. Commerce
  8. Development
  9. Education
  10. Employment Services (OBES)
  11. EPA
  12. Health
  13. Highway Safety
  14. Industrial Commission
  15. Industrial Relations
  16. Inspector General
  17. Insurance
  18. Liquor
  19. Lottery
  20. Mental Health
  21. MR/DD
  22. Natural Resources
  23. PUCO
  24. Regents, Board of
  25. Rehabilitation & Correction
  26. Student Loan Commission
  27. Taxation
  28. Transportation
  29. Youth Services
  30. QStP – Agency Projects
  31. Awareness Day – 5/11/93
  32. Clips/Publications
  33. Consultants
  34. Communications – TQM
  35. Correspondence
  36. Customer Surveys
  37. Events
  38. Executive Training – 4/8/92
  39. Federal Total Quality Management
  40. TQM
  41. TQM Legislation
  42. TQM Meeting w/ GVV
  43. Labor

Box #2

  1. Jack Kindler Mtgs.
  2. Literature on TQM
  3. Malcolm Baldridge Award
  4. Memos & Miscellaneous
  5. Notes & Miscellaneous
  6. Other States’ Initiatives
  7. Michigan State Presentation
  8. NJ Visit: September 2, 1994
  9. Press Conference
  10. Quality Office
  11. Resumes

Box #3

  1. Resumes (continued)
  2. QSTP E.D. Search
  3. Steering Committee (Initial)
  4. Stamford
  5. Training (3)
  6. Governor’s QStP Video
  7. Vision – TQM
  8. Weeklies (Office of Quality)
  9. Union (TQM)
  10. Xerox Material

Box #4


  1. Notebooks
  2. Booklets
  3. Folders
  4. Reports
  5. Notes, etc.

Box #5


  1. Manuals
  2. Reports

* QtSP – Quality Services through Partnership AKA Total Quality Management (TQM)