Series 1.3: Governor’s Personal Books – OHIO University Libraries

The boxes containing the books are stored in Area A (starting at 4L2/6)

Box #1

  1. Figgie, Jr., Bankruptcy 1995
  2. Hamburg, Today’s Children
  3. Scott, Relief For Hurting Parents
  4. Patteron & Kim, The Second American Revolution
  5. Schneiter, Getting Along With the Chinese
  6. Byham & Cox, Heroz
  7. Soin, Curing America
  8. Handy, The Age of Unreason
  9. Thomas, Death of Ethics in America
  10. Morgan, Going Global
  11. Califano, Radical Surgery
  12. Terascua, Through My Eyes
  13. Johnson, Showing America A New Way Home
  14. Young, Building Your Company’s Good Name
  15. Nunez, The New Poverty
  16. Gotha, Kleine Thuringen – Bibliothek
  17. Cranton, Bypassing Bypass
  18. Silberman, A Certain People
  19. McKernan, Making the Grade
  20. Franklin, Building A Tradition
  21. Goldsmith, The Trap
  22. Echoes of Old China

Box #2

  1. “Steelin’ for Jesus” videotape
  2. Jones, Expressions of the Heart
  3. “Public Square” audiotapes
  4. Wilkinson, Excellence in Corrections
  5. Thoma, Reflections of the Road (2 copies)
  6. Your Guide to Osaka
  7. Gund Arena brochure
  8. First Impressions of Cleveland
  9. Osaka brochure
  10. Mexico Now
  11. South Africa travel guide
  12. Sprague, ed., The Promised land
  13. Wynd, The Ginger Tree
  14. “Foundations of American Government” videotape
  15. issues of Antiques magazine
  16. Akron: Rising Toward the Twenty-first Century
  17. Souvenir stamp album of river closure of China Yangtze Three Gorges
  18. Duramax brochure
  19. Mexico Now
  20. Brandstatter, Austria Past and Present
  21. Alexander, Steps Along the Way
  22. The King of Thailand
  23. 1992 Calendar
  24. Hunt, Witness
  25. DeRegnaucount, Anthony Wayne & the Ohio Indian Wars
  26. 1991 Calendar
  27. 1997 Calendar
  28. Life, Journals, and Correspondence of Rev. Manassah Cutler, LL.D. (2 vols.)

Box #3

  1. Zimmer, True Stories of Pioneer Times
  2. Phillips, The Golden Lamb
  3. Goodtime III: Lake and River Tours brochure
  4. Williams, Johnny Appleseed in the Duck Creek Valley
  5. Silber, The Road To Hope
  6. Radost Slobode Hrvatske Domovine
  7. Gregg, The Candidates
  8. The Way to Happiness
  9. Morhart, The Zoar Story
  10. Wolf’s auction catalog
  11. McKay, History of Western Society
  12. Duramax
  13. Buckingham, Delaware County
  14. Michaux, Sparks from the Anvil
  15. Louv, Childhood’s Future
  16. Gates, ed., Bearing Witness
  17. McCarty, Simple Wisdom for Rich Living
  18. Borowitz, The First Century
  19. Boehm, With A Little Luck
  20. Rainbow Collection
  21. Discover Slovenia
  22. Johnson, Feast of Pleasure
  23. Athena [Ohio University Yearbook] 1958

Box #4

  1. Zimmer, Jones, Laughter in Appalachia
  2. Johnson, Come Home America
  3. Huckabee, Character is the Issue
  4. A Decade of Giving: The Apollo Story
  5. Master Paintings: From the Butler Institute of American Art
  6. Circus program
  7. Sirak, Love Affair
  8. Secret Britain
  9. Ediselhaus Photostories
  10. Giorgio de Chirico
  11. Krasy Jizmich Cech
  12. Rodengen, The Legend of Goodyear
  13. 6 issues of Antiques Magazine
  14. Kaplan, The Ends of the Earth
  15. Safire, The First Dissident
  16. Koop, Koop
  17. Melady, The Ambassador’s Story
  18. Osborne, Reinventing Government

Box #5

  1. Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra: Centennial Portraits
  2. Asahi Glass Foundation, A Better Future for the Planet Earth
  3. Jakeway, Paratroopers Do or Die!
  4. Panter, Ohio D.U.I. Law, 2nd edition
  5. Dietrich, In the Shadows of the Rising Sun
  6. Coates, A Street Is Not A Home
  7. Xavier, Poty
  8. Carr, Excellence in Government
  9. McGuinness, Reading Reflex
  10. Walters, The Other Europe
  11. Gelsonliter, Jump Start
  12. Clinkscale, Hey, Dummy!
  13. Meijer, Thrifty Years
  14. Moll, The Public Ivys
  15. Institute of Medicine, Approaching Death
  16. Jasinowski, The Rising Tide

Box #6

  1. Kennedy, What If the Bible Had Never Been Written?
  2. Toel, A Message from the Living God to This Nation
  3. Huckabee, Kids Who Kill
  4. Ryan, It’s All So Damn Simple
  5. National Institutes of Health, Preventing Drug Abuse Among Children and Adolescents
  6. Shkurti, Benchmark Ohio 1991
  7. Fraser, Race for Success
  8. Libman, How to Protect Yourself From Crime
  9. Brown, State of the World 1991
  10. Wattenberg, The Birth Dearth
  11. League of Women Voters in Ohio, It’s Your Money
  12. Stark, The Sensible Person’s Guide to Life
  13. McGuinness, Why Our Children Can’t Read
  14. Haverstock, Fifth Years at the Front
  15. Faust, The Golden Dream
  16. Muhammad, Welfare: A Novocain
  17. Gillis, Come Unto Me
  18. Shkurti, Benchmark Ohio 1989
  19. Gilder, The Meaning of the Microcosm
  20. Inamori, A Passion for Success
  21. McBride, Who Says Cops Can’t Write Poetry
  22. Mitchell, A Moving Stairway
  23. Mark, Who the Hell is George Mark?
  24. Prestowitz, Powernomics
  25. Martin, The Web of Disinformation
  26. Grey, The Profit Motive and Patient Care
  27. Isaac, Madness in the Streets