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The Governor’s Office during the administration of George V. Voinovich consisted of his individual office, an executive assistant, secretaries, personal aides, and staff assistants. This office maintained records that directly and specifically interested the governor. The Governor’s own records include general correspondence, subject files, personal books, and memorabilia. The general correspondence includes letters to and from the Governor and constituents, staff, agencies, and local, state, and the national government. This series also includes and chronological list of correspondence from 1991-1997 and an index to boxes containing the correspondence. The subject files include correspondence, reports, initiatives, notes, memos, and association files. The personal books include books presented to the Governor as well as videotapes, brochures, magazines, a stamp album, calendars, and a catalog. The memorabilia includes a wide range of material items from the Governor’s offices and the residence.

The executive assistant, Beth Waldren, maintained records that include special assignments categories Cabinet, Operations Improvement Task Force (OIT), Quality ServiceS through Partnership (QStP aka Total Quality Management TQM), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame files. Miscellaneous files include materials related to the above assignments as well as files on Cleveland, capital bills, and special programs and issues. The transition files concern the transfer of the office in 1998.

The Cabinet files are organized in the sub-series’ miscellaneous and subject files. The OIT records are in miscellaneous, correspondence, and subject order by agency. The QStP records are subject files including correspondence. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame records contain clips, correspondence, and printed materials.

The staff assistant’s, Bill Byers and Jim Riesbeck, maintained records that include correspondence and responses to requests.

314 cu. ft. The governor’s correspondence is arranged chronologically, the subject files are alphabetic, and the books and memorabilia are in no particular order. The staff assistants’ records are arranged chronologically.

Series 1 Contents

Series 1.1 Governor’s Correspondence (George Voinovich)
Series 1.2 Governor’s Subject Files
Series 1.3 Governor’s Personal Books
Series 1.4 Governor’s Memorabilia
Series 1.5 Governor’s Executive Assistant (Beth Waldren)
Series 1.51 Cabinet
Series 1.52 OIT
Series 1.53 QtSP
Series 1.54 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Series 1.55 Miscellaneous
Series 1.56 Transition
Series 1.6 Governor’s Special Assistant (Bill Byers)
Series 1.7 Governor’s Special Assistant (Jim Riesbeck)
Series 1.8 Special Assistant to the Governor (Alan Endicott)
Series 1.9 Governor’s Residence